Paan Coconut Ladoo

Instant Paan Coconut Ladoo filled with gulkand – a special little treat to enjoy this Diwali!

I am so excited to be finally be able to share some Diwali recipes with you guys. Yes! My favorite festival and most definitely my favorite time of the year. This year Diwali falls on 30th October, quite early actually. But for me literally Diwali festivities started in July/August! As you guys know, I had to work way in advance because of...

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Thandai Coconut Ladoo

Easy and fun to make, these Thandai Coconut Ladoo are perfect for Holi celebrations!

These are simple coconut ladoos which have been flavored with my homemade thandai powder to make them festive!

Didn’t I tell you guys that I will be sharing a dessert recipe made with the thandai powder this week?

Well, here it is! Super easy Thandai Coconut Ladoo! The inspiration for these ladoos came from my hugely popular paan...

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Easy Paan Ice Cream

Easy Paan Ice Cream to beat the heat! This refreshing ice cream has all the flavors of meetha paan and is so refreshing on a hot day. And the best part? It’s surprisingly easy to make using a shortcut!

Sometimes the best recipes start with a shortcut. Do you guys agree to this? I mean delicious cake recipes starting with a boxed mix or your favorite pie recipe using a ready to go pie filling. Sounds familiar? I bet it does! While it’s best to make everything from scratch, sometimes we can take shortcuts and still achieve great...

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Moong Dal Ladoo

Moong Dal Ladoo made with moong dal, sugar and ghee. Easy Diwali sweet with basic pantry ingredients.

When I was little, I used to look forward to my nani’s (grandmom) homemade besan ladoo every year. In fact they used to be the highlight of my trip to our village, the ladoos along with her delicious peda, mathri, khurma – I used to feast on all these Indian sweets and snacks every day. I really miss that time, childhood is so wonderful , if only we can ever get it back. Besan ladoo is my absolute...

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Rose Cardamom Burfi

Double layer Rose Cardamom Burfi made with milk powder is an easy sweet to make this Diwali. Fragrant flavors and an easy burfi to sweeten up your Diwali!

Diwali is almost here and so I am going to share Diwali recipes with you guys in the next few weeks. Honestly, I am not celebrating Diwali this year, this will be my 1st diwali without mom and I can’t even imagine how it would be – probably the darkest diwali of my life. But whether I celebrate or not, I have to share recipes with you guys...

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Top 10 recipes of 2016

    And just like that 2016 is over. Doesn’t it feel like it only started yesterday? This was not a great year for me, neither personally nor professionally. But in stead of talking about it, I want to focus on 2017. I hope the new year will bring new hope and happiness for everyone around me. Here’s hoping for a better tomorrow!

    And before the year ends, I wanted to do a recap of top 10 recipes of the year on Cook With Manali. I do it every year just to see what everyone liked the most on the blog. Honestly it’s very hard...

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