Pumpkin Espresso Muffins

Nothing better to start your fall mornings than these Pumpkin Espresso Muffins. These are packed with some wonderful fall flavors and are just perfect to be enjoyed with a cup of coffee!

So with fall knocking on the door, it’s obviously time for all things pumpkin! Seriously I wait for this season all year long. It’s not that you can’t bake with pumpkin in spring or summer but there’s something so comforting about baking with it...

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Zucchini Chocolate Muffins

This post is sponsored by Silk. All opinions expressed are my own.

Lightly sweetened with an intense chocolate flavor, these Zucchini Chocolate Muffins are ideal for snacking or breakfast!

The easiest way to make kids (and my husband)eat zucchini is to sneak it into some baked good. I think zucchini is amazing that way. First it adds so much moisture to the baked product and second you can never taste it....

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Spinach Tortilla

Homemade spinach tortilla made with readily available ingredients. Use it to make wraps, burritos and much more!

It’s this month that we moved into our new house (and our first!) last year. It has been quite a ride so far, from furniture shopping to painting walls to failed attempts at gardening. I would say that setting up the house was probably the most challenging and time consuming thing and we are not done yet! We lived in a 1 room apartment, were newly married so practically we...

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Eggless Whole Wheat Chocolate Banana Muffins

Whole Wheat Chocolate Banana Muffins are free of refined sugar and refined flour. These are also eggless and great for snacking!

The over-ripe bananas are back on the blog! They never went anywhere actually but sometimes I just eat them before they go this ripe or freeze them! I never buy a big bunch of bananas so that I can finish them before they go all black and brown but they get neglected when I buy 5 more fruits along with them! Because it’s spring and market is full of such delicious fruits, I think I...

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Homemade Burger Buns

Soft and light homemade burger buns are so much better than store bought. Use them in any burger recipe or simply enjoy them with some warm jam and honey!

Few years back when I discovered my love for baking, I thought I could be a great cake decorator too. You know all those fancy cakes attracted me and so I enrolled myself into cake decorating classes. I took 12 of those classes in the next 2 years and by the end of it I realized “this is not me”. I mean I like decorating...

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Banana Blueberry Streusel Mini Muffins

    Super moist bite size Banana Blueberry Streusel Mini Muffins are so good with a cup of coffee or simply to snack on!

    What do you guys do when you are really tired? Sleep? Take a shower? I like to do that too but sometimes all I  want to do is bake – even when I am dead tired. Baking really relaxes me and I forget my tiredness when I smell the wonderful aroma of baked goods. One of my most favorite things to bake are muffins. Homemade, super moist and delicious muffins and these Banana Blueberry...

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    Cheesy Garlic Bread Sticks

    Quick & easy, these Cheesy Garlic Bread Sticks are easy to whip and perfect for football entertaining! With no rising time required, these come together very quickly.

    I guess the stars in my horoscope are all aligned in the wrong way these days. I keep hurting myself everyday. I really don’t know what’s going on. Last week I fell down from stairs and badly bruised my left arm. It was all black and blue! While that was still healing, I cut my left thumb with a very sharp knife. And while still at it,...

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    Homemade Pav

    Soft Eggless Homemade Pav are meant to be enjoyed with Pav Bhaji! They taste best when fresh out of the oven.

    If you were to ask me to make a list of my most favorite dishes in the world, pav bhaji will definitely make it to the list. In fact chaat (common term used for Indian street food) and pav bhaji will be there among the top 3 for sure. For those who don’t know pav = bread/dinner roll and bhaji = mashed veggies with spices. This is an extremely popular...

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    Apple Crumb Muffins

      Moist Apple Crumb Muffins are the perfect breakfast during fall. The muffins are super moist because of applesauce in the recipe. The addition of cinnamon and nutmeg makes them a fall favorite!

      I love how everything is so seasonal in US. Like the blogging world is full of peaches and berries in summer and then everyone goes crazy with apples and pumpkins in fall and then with mint during the holidays. It’s like you are supposed to bake and cook with certain things during...

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      Pumpkin Scones with Coffee Glaze

      Welcome fall with these butter, flaky Pumpkin Scones. The coffee glaze makes them perfect for breakfast or snack time!

      And it’s Pumpkin time! Wohoo! 😀 Which actually means it’s my favorite time of the year to bake. I go pumpkin crazy during fall so expect a lot of pumpkin recipes in the next 2 months or so. I stil can’t believe that we are in to the next pumpkin season already. And this will be gone quickly too and we will be then into the candy cane season. Anyway for now let’s...

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      Healthy Banana Peanut Butter Muffins

        One of the first things I ever baked was a muffin. I think because muffin is so simple to make, even someone with zero baking experience can give it a shot. Over the years, I have baked a lot of muffins but still the banana ones remain my favorite. There are 2 reasons to this 1) because they are obviously delicious 2) because I ALWAYS have over-ripe bananas on my kitchen counter so I bake banana muffins so often that they automatically become my favorite. Sometimes I wonder why exactly do I buy bananas? I almost never eat them fresh and...

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        Easy Zucchini Bread

        I was a very non-fussy eater as a kid, I would happily eat all the veggies my mom would give me including the greens which most kids hated. In fact greens were my absolute favorite as a kid and they still are. But my brothers were just the opposite of me, they were so picky about the veggies that they would eat. Mostly it was potato and paneer and they hated their greens. I could never get it because it was hard for me to understand that how could anyone not love such delicious vegetables. My mom tried everything she could to make them eat...

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