Cookbook Anniversary Giveaway!

    This GIVEAWAY has ended. The winners were contacted through email and notified.

    The winners are-

    Sujata who loves the Badam Burfi, Shira who loves Chole, Daniel whose favorite is the Chana Dal, Lee who loves the Aloo Gobi and Neha who also loves the Aloo Gobi (clearly reader’s favorite!)

    Thanks all...

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    Cookbook Announcement!

      Hey guys!

      I have been hinting on sharing some big news on the blog for the last few weeks. I am so excited to be finally sharing the news with you guys!

      Wow, I never thought I’d be writing this post one day.

      You guys I am writing a cookbook! *insert...

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      Goodbye Mumma

        “All that I am, or ever hope to be, I owe it to you”

        You taught me everything mumma.

        Everything except how to live without you.

        What do I do now?


        Last 3 weeks have been the darkest days of my...

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        Happy 3rd Birthday Cook With Manali + A Giveaway!

          Hey guys! It’s the 3rd birthday of my blog and I am so excited! This amazing journey started 3 years back, wow hard to believe that. Time sure does fly. I would have never in my dreams thought of doing food blogging and actually doing it full time. I guess that is why they say, life is super unpredictable and it surprises you in ways you could never imagine.

          Out of everything that I have done in life, I have to say that blogging has given me the most happiness...

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          Royal Icing

            There’s no way better time to share this recipe than now. I mean it’s the holiday season and everyone loves to decorate some sugar cookies. Don’t you? Now you can decorate cookies using a simple mix of confectioners sugar and water. There’s another simple icing with corn syrup which I shared with my Easter Sugar Cookies. But everyone knows and will agree that for perfect cookie decoration, you do need royal icing. No other icing can set or give that sheen which royal icing does. While I like using the easy icing for decorating cookies, there...

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            The Liebster Award

              Hello everyone! Today I am not sharing a recipe with you in stead I’m going to talk about myself. Few days back, I was nominated by my blogger friend Emma from Emma’s Little Kitchen for Liebster Award. Have you visited Emma’s blog? She shares wonderful vegetarian...

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              Writing Process Blog Tour

                Today I am not sharing a recipe with you, in stead I am going to tell you more about me and my blog. I was nominated by my friend Olivia from Olivia’s Cuisine a few days back for the Writing Process Blog Tour where basically we need to tell our...

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                Peanut Butter Cream Cheese Frosting

                  Chocolate and peanut butter are my two absolute favorite flavors and I have combined them countless number of times like recently in my Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Granola. They just go so well together that I cannot resist the temptation of combining them...

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