Kale Tahini Flatbreads with Roasted Chickpeas

Kale Tahini Flatbreads topped with crunchy roasted chickpeas and served with a side of pear-beet salad!

Happy New Year guys! I hope you all had a wonderful start to 2017. It can certainly get busy at this time of the year. We all are looking for quick dinner options and lesser trips to grocery stores. And if you are in the same boat, then you need to try Blue Apron!

The first time I heard about Blue Apron, a meal delivery...

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Vegetarian Stuffed Poblano Peppers

Vegetarian stuffed poblano peppers are stuffed with black beans, corn, pepper, onion & peas! Topped with cheese, they will be a great addition to your Thanksgiving table!

Yesterday was quite a day for both India and America. While America voted and chose it’s new President, back home in India Prime Minister, Mr. Modi banned Indian currency notes of 500 & 1000 rupees with immediate effect to tackle corruption and black money in the country. It was a day of chaos, all I...

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Quinoa Butternut Squash Burrito Bowl

Vegan and gluten free Quinoa Butternut Squash Burrito Bowl is a delicious and healthy meal which doesn’t take much time to put together.

The squash and pumpkin season makes me very happy! The other day we went to a grocery store and mom got so excited to see all the pumpkins. She had not seen pumpkins in so many shapes and sizes before so it was totally a new experience for her. In fact she asked my husband to click few pictures of the pumpkin for...

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Chickpea & Bean Pesto Pita Wraps

Easy to make Vegetarian Pita Wraps with chickpea, kidney bean, pesto and topped with a yogurt dill sauce! Dinner ready in less than 30 minutes!

Don’t you just love pesto? How good it is with everything! On pasta, on pizza, in rice and now in these pita wraps! Pesto is one of my favorite sauce and more often than not I have a box of pesto in my freezer. I usually make a large batch and then freeze it in small containers. When I want to use it I simply transfer the little box from the...

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Sweet Potato Burrito Bowl

A delicious vegan dinner with spiced sweet potatoes, black beans, corn, red pepper, jalapenos and cilantro lime rice. So much flavor that you wouldn’t even miss the cheese in this Sweet Potato Burrito Bowl!

Whew! We made it to Friday! This week felt a little long, just me? Maybe, because I was really caught up last weekend so didn’t really get the time to relax and then the new week started. I guess I will...

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Vegan Stuffed Peppers

Vegan Stuffed Peppers made with leftover rice. Quick and easy!

I think the toughest question that you have to face everyday is what to cook for breakfast and what to make for dinner. Don’t you guys agree with me? I swear sometimes I feel like pulling my hair, but even that won’t give me an answer to this question *sigh*. I have told you guys before I am very bad at planning, I so wish I was a planner but I...

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Eggplant Parmesan Stacks

Quicker version of traditional eggplant parmesan, these Eggplant Parmesan Stacks make a great meal by itself or with a salad on the side!

Yay it’s Friday which in my head = quick & delicious dinner. I actually try to or should I say want to change things up quite a bit for our weekday dinners too but I hardly get the time, maybe if there were 48 hours in a day, I would...

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Roasted Cauliflower Pita Tacos

Another Friday and another week has come to an end. I know I say this so often but I can’t help it because it seriously surprises me – this time and how fast it flies! Wow it will be the 8th month of 2015 in just few more days and then the festive season will start. I was speaking to my hubby in the morning and I said all this while I was waiting for mom-dad to visit us, they came and now they left too. It’s seriously crazy, how the hell are weeks passing like days!

Anyway since it’s Friday, it...

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Brown Butter Green Beans With Blue Cheese

This post is sponsored by Castello Cheese. I’m Partnering with Castello for a Summer of Blue. All opinions are my own. #BluesdayTuesday

Make your summer more fun with Blue Cheese!

I think this world cannot have enough of cheese. That is the conclusion I have come to after observing the amount of cheese people like to have in their sandwiches and pizzas. My brothers are here and just few days back I made some pizza for them. I made...

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Tofu Pineapple Coconut Curry

Happy Monday! I’m kicking this week off with a very flavorful recipe of Tofu Pineapple Coconut Curry. I have mentioned before tofu is not my favorite, but I do it enjoy it once in a while especially when it’s combined with some of my favorite ingredients like pineapple in this recipe! This recipe is seriously jam packed with flavors. It’s healthy, vegan and great with rice or noodles. This recipe started off as an experiment but I was so pleased with the end result. The pineapple added a nice touch to balance out the...

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Springtime Black Bean Quesadillas

Springtime Black Bean Quesadillas are filled with fresh veggies and topped with crispy onion rings and spicy sweet potato fries! Served with Sriracha Mayo dipping sauce.

I have realized that people assume that as food bloggers we are making fancy and lavish dinners at home everyday. Umm No. I mean of course I love to cook and I also cook everyday but those fancy dinners are usually reserved for the weekend. Don’t we all want something quick and easy for the weekdays?...

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Chickpea Spinach Corn Quesadillas

So I have been posting all the dips and sauces for the last few days because I wanted to share this – chickpea spinach corn quesadillas with cilantro mint chutney and creamy cucumber dip! I have spoken about my love for Mexican food several times on the blog. I love it because it’s awesome and also because Mexican food introduced me to avocados. I had no idea what avocados were when I moved to US few years back and now it’s one of my favorite things to eat. Seriously I make avocado sandwich for breakfast all the time....

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