One Pot Vegetarian Pizza Pasta Bake

Easy One Pot Vegetarian Pizza Pasta Bake using Ragu Pasta Sauce! Dinner ready in 30 minutes!

I am leaving for home in less than 20 days! Eeeks I can’t believe it. I remember when we booked out tickets and I thought oh that’s so far, year end. And now it’s here. It’s like I blinked and we are into November. I am so excited to go home, like always. Even though both our parents visited us this year but going to India is a different...

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Easy Spinach Lasagna

When my family was here, I made food laden with calories almost every day. My brothers love cheese and sweets and they wanted to eat all the “special food” cooked by their sister before they leave. So, I made a lot of things like this nutella strawberry french toast and this cheesecake and I also made this Spinach Lasagna. The first time I had spinach lasagna was at a friend’s place 2 years back. My 1st reaction was, wow it’s delicious but that’s a lot of cheese! Well, there is a lot of cheese in lasagna, of course you can make the...

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Spicy Chipotle Pizza

Long Recipe Alert.

There I said it in the beginning so that you guys don’t get bored by the end of it. This is going to be long recipe because not only I include the recipe for this spicy chipotle pizza (the vegetarian version) but also for the dough so bear with me guys!

Now everyone loves a good pizza, isn’t it? My love affair with pizza has come a full circle. When I was kid, I used to love pizza like love love...

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Baked Pesto Pasta

Hello guys, sorry for missing in action for the last few days. I went on a mini vacation and I had planned to schedule my posts while I was away but you know sometimes there are just too many things on your platter especially at the last minute and so I was not able to do that. I carried my laptop along with me thinking that I would update from there but unfortunately the house I stayed in had no internet. I guess sometimes it’s good to take a little break! 🙂


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Peanut Butter Sweet Potato Lentil Burgers

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when I say Peanut Butter? I always think of chocolate first because peanut butter and chocolate are like meant for each other. I can never get tired of this combination.

I remember I was so excited to see what my mystery ingredient when I got my package. And as soon as I opened it, I saw a huge bottle of Sriracha Sauce! Yup that’s what my mystery ingredient was. I am well aware of the popularity this hot sauce has gained recently but...

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Paneer Tikka Pizza

    The year is going to end in 2 days. Sorry if I sound like a broken tape record but I still can’t believe that 2014 is over! I swear it just started and now we will be in 2015 in 2 days. Say Whaaaaaaaaa! It will take some time for me to accept that but I think till the time I do that, it will be 2016 already! Isn’t it scary and crazy how quickly time flies, years are passing like days!

    We will be welcoming the new year in few days and I am sure everyone has their dinner...

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    Onion & Bell Pepper Pesto Pizza

      Pizzas, pizzas & more pizzas. Can we ever have enough of it? I doubt! Everyone loves a good pizza and in my opinion nothing beats a homemade version.

      It’s so much fun to make pizzas at home because you can play around this flavors, different cheese and different crust as well. Also you can make them healthier [no this recipe isn’t healthy, but you can!] by replacing the crust...

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      Homemade Thin Crust Pizza Dough

        I like making my own pizza dough, in fact I think homemade pizzas made from scratch are the best. I will tell you why because you can control what all put in according to your taste and preference. I don’t like cheese, I mean I like it but not in the quantity it is added in pizzas and pastas in US. So whenever we ate pizzas outside I could hardly finish them, thanks to literally 5 layer of cheese in every slice!


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        Tomato Onion Mini Pizzas

          Towards the end of the week I am always motivated to try something different for dinner. It’s not that I don’t experiment with food on other days, I do but my baking addiction [read dessert] usually takes precedence over other things and I always end up...

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          Pesto Pasta

            I made this pasta using fresh homemade basil pesto, the recipe of which I shared on my blog few days back. I have made pesto pasta using store brought pesto too but like they say the taste of anything...

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