Mango Chocolate Bites

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Are you someone who snacks a...

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Cinnamon Sugar Tortilla Chips with Nutella Dip

I guess I’m the not the only one obsessed with cinnamon. It’s one of the most popular spices especially when it comes to baking and there’s a reason for it. You add it to any baked good and the flavor just doubles, really! Plus the aroma when you are baking with cinnamon make you feel heavenly, case in point being these overnight cinnamon rolls. <3 So because I love cinnamon so much and had some extra tortillas lying in my kitchen, I thought of creating a snack using my favorite spice and so these Cinnamon Sugar Tortilla Chips were baked and devoured....

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Oats Poha Chivda

    Hello everyone! How was your Thanksgiving? I hope everyone stuffed themselves till they couldn’t breathe, well I definitely did that. This was the first time that I attended a Thanksgiving dinner and oh my god there was so much food! It was crazy and I ate so much that I think have had enough for days! So after eating way too many treats, I had to put up a healthy recipe. This Indian style oats snack mix is perfect when you want to...

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    Hara Bhara Kebab

      So how many of you love your greens? I do for sure and if you do too then you will love this recipe. Kebabs are a popular snack in Asian countries, I know in India the chicken kebabs are hugely popular where minced meat is mixed with onion, tomatoes and lots of spices. It is then deep fried or grilled over hot coal. But since I’m a vegetarian this recipe is for vegetarian hara bhara kebab and very green one on that! Hara means “green”in hindi and bhara is “full”, so basically these kebabs are full of...

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      Ginger Garlic Roasted Broccoli

        There are two kinds of people in the world. One who love broccoli and others who hate it. I belong to the former category and I fail to understand why so many people especially kids do not like this vegetable. When I was little, broccoli was not readily available in India so I discovered this vegetable pretty late in life. I remember my brothers and other kids making weird faces whenever they were asked to eat broccoli. They said it looked like cauliflower but was nowhere close to it in taste! My husband shares the exact sentiment of those kids....

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        Vegan Zucchini Corn Patties

        Do you like Zucchini? I guess it’s one of those veggies which you either love or hate, there’s no middle way here. Me being a complete veggie person love it but then I love every damn veggie in this world so my husband says my opinion doesn’t count! Anyway he’s a picky eater so it takes little efforts to make him eat a vegetable like zucchini. If I just stir fry it and give it to him, he will not eat it. However if I make these patties, then that’s a different...

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        Namak Pare – Savory Snack

          Namak Pare is a popular savory crunchy snack from India. I made this snack for Diwali but didn’t get the time to edit the pictures and write the post. Anyway better late than never! These deep fried snacks are enjoyed with a cup of chai and you would find them in every household in India especially during the festive season. My mom always makes them at home for all the festivals and I would munch on them so much that at one point mom had to ask me to stop. Yes that’s how much I love homemade namak...

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          Dahi Vada

            Dahi vada is a popular Indian snack which is often made during the festive season. So what exactly is a dahi vada? Literally dahi=yogurt and vada= fried dumpling. These are lentil dumplings which are deep fried are then dunked in creamy yogurt and then topped with sweet chutney and spices. The terms dahi vada and dahi bhalle are often used interchangeably in different parts of the country. In my home we always called them “dahi vada” whereas hubby...

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            Baked Kale Chips

              Between all the dessert madness of fall and Diwali, here’s a healthy recipe – Baked Kale Chips! I was not very familiar with Kale until a few months back. I always saw it in grocery stores but never picked it up just because I was not sure how it would taste. Then once I tried kale salad in a restaurant and loved it and since then I often buy and use them in salads mostly. But the other day, I had a bunch lying in my refrigerator and I thought of making kale chips for my evening snack. I...

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              Roasted Tomato Bruschetta

                I can’t believe it’s October already, where did the year go? October is my favorite month of the year, not only because it’s full of festivities but also because it’s my birthday month! So this week is going to all about cakes and more cakes!  But today’s recipe is not a dessert in fact it’s one of the easiest appetizers/starters to make if not the easiest – Bruschetta. No, think about it there’s no prep work involved, the actual process itself is quite simple and the best part it tastes so wonderful and also...

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                Whole Wheat Pita Chips With Yogurt Dip

                  After the whole wheat pita bread recipe, here comes the next – whole wheat pita chips. No I’m not getting obsessed with pita breads, it’s just that the other day when I made them I had 2 leftovers and rather than eating them for dinner I thought of making pita chips to munch on. Any snack which is healthy makes me really happy because I can munch on them without much guilt. I usually do not buy any type of...

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                  Honey Roasted Almonds

                    Honey roasted almonds are one of my favorite snacks to make at home! Sweetened almonds with a touch of salt are highly addictive!

                    I don’t know about you but I love candied nuts, these little treats are so addictive and so delicious that it’s hard to keep your hands off them. Whenever we go to farmer’s market I see these little shops selling delicious looking...

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