Chipotle Chickpea & Sweet Potato Tacos

Vegan and gluten-free Chipotle Chickpea & Sweet Potato Tacos flavored with chipotle powder, cumin and smoked paprika and topped with a creamy avocado lime dip!

It’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow and rather than sharing a dessert again I thought of sharing an easy dinner recipe with you guys. Honestly my blog has tons of valentine’s day desserts so if you are looking for that, just use the search box and you will see everything from lava cakes to pavlova to tarts to panna cotta – a lot to choose...

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Vegan Three Bean Curry

Easy and wholesome Three Bean Curry! Packed with nutrients, this curry is vegan, gluten-free and good for you!

Do you guys know it snowed like crazy here in Seattle last 2 days? I have never seen this kind of snow here, almost 8 inches! That might not be a lot for places that get a lot of snow usually but for a place like Seattle which hardly gets any snow, it was a lot! And as expected everything just shut down. Schools were closed, hubby couldn’t go to work and I had to even cancel my doctors appointment. But I...

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Curried Tofu & Peanut with Roasted Garlic Rice

This post has been sponsored by Uncle Ben’s®. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Curried Tofu with Peanuts and UNCLE BEN’S® Flavored Grains Brown Rice Medley with Roasted Garlic makes a wholesome and delicious meal.

What do you guys think gets neglected most in today’s busy life? I know health is one, I haven’t done a workout in the last 1 month and that’s so unlike me. But I have just been very busy with...

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