Restaurant style Vegetable Biryani

Nothing like a good plate of aromatic biryani! This Vegetable Biryani hits all the right spots with its wonderful aroma and exotic flavors!

Loaded with veggies, crunchy cashews, warm spices like saffron, herbs like cilantro and mint, this biryani is a delight to the taste buds in every bite!

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Sooji Halwa

Traditional Indian dessert, Sooji Halwa is a pudding made from semolina (sooji).

Ghee, sugar and sooji are the three main ingredients required to make this easy dessert!

I have realized that I haven’t shared some very basic Indian recipes on the blog.

Like so far, I had not shared the recipe for Sooji Halwa (Suji Halwa)! I mean can there be any simpler (and easier) Indian dessert?


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Instant Pot Thai Basil Fried Rice (Vegan)

Vegan Thai Basil Fried Rice made in the Instant Pot!

This quick and easy fried rice is super flavorful with the aroma of basil, soy sauce and crunchiness from the cashews.

Pairs well with vegan panang curry or can eat be eaten as such!

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