Eggless Strawberry Avocado Ice Cream

Strawberry and avocado, how does the combination sound? I never gave it a thought until I tasted a frozen yogurt which combined the two flavors, it was delicious and that’s how I thought of making this ice cream.

Since I already have a kitchen aid stand mixer, my hubby gifted me it’s ice cream...

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Peanut Butter Granola Bars

Granola bars make great snack option, they are tasty, healthy and filling. But the problem with the ones available in the market is with the use of artificial sweeteners in them. Somehow they never appear healthy to me because of all the sweeteners that they add in these...

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Cumin Cookies – Jeera Biscuits

Cumin cookies or jeera/zeera (hindi name for cumin) biscuits as we call them in India are ideal for tea time. Little sweet and little salty, I love to dip them in my chai, so yum! I have tried making these cookies before but somehow they never tasted the way I wanted them to and so I tried and tried...

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