Almond Cookies

Before I say anything, let me just say that I’m not liking the weather these days. Great it’s fall and it’s beautiful but not when it rains nonstop, also it’s getting dark at 4:30 PM and that annoys me a lot. Like a LOT. I love sunshine and I am already missing it even though I know this is going to be the same for next 4-5 months. As I write this, I can see only rain and grey sky outside my window and also a big traffic jam. Arghhh. Anyway rant over and now let’s talk about cookies because cookies always make you feel better, no matter...

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Butter Naan

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Happy Monday everyone! To kickstart this week, I am sharing with you the recipe of India’s most popular bread in the “western world” – naan. Yes I call it India’s most popular bread outside India because contrary to popular belief we do not eat naans at home. Sure it is popular but back home we eat naans only in restaurants and parties. What we do eat everyday is a simple roti, which is made of 100% whole wheat flour and nothing...

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