Brown Butter Green Beans With Blue Cheese

This post is sponsored by Castello Cheese. I’m Partnering with Castello for a Summer of Blue. All opinions are my own. #BluesdayTuesday

Make your summer more fun with Blue Cheese!

I think this world cannot have enough of cheese. That is the conclusion I have come to after observing the amount of cheese people like to have in their sandwiches and pizzas. My brothers are here and just few days back I made some pizza for them. I made a regular pizza with some veggie topping...

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Cook With Manali turns 2! + Tutti Frutti Ice Cream Recipe

Today is 19th June 2015. 2 years back on the same date, I pressed the publish button on my blog for the very first time. At that time I had no idea what food blogging was all about. I only started this blog so that I could keep all my recipes at one place and it was never meant to be more than that. My love for food and cooking grew by leaps and bounds after I moved to US. Spending time in the kitchen and standing in front of my oven for hours started to give me more happiness than anything else and it was then I realized my true passion in life. Yes it took a while but I’m glad I...

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Spinach Corn Curry

I think it’s too much of green overdose on my blog these days, just look at the last few posts it’s all green! If you have been following my blog for a while, you would know how much I love my greens. I am veggie-holic (is that a word?), no seriously I am. I usually feel like eating a plate full of only veggies for lunch and dinner. Of course I don’t get to do that often because hubby wants his roti and rice but if left to me, I would happily eat only veggies for most of my...

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