Peach Crisp for Two

What do you love most about summers? Yes it’s nice and bright and you don’t need to wear 987650 layers of clothes before heading out. Also BBQ is fun and so are all the summer activities! But if you ask me what I love most, it will be fruits! I think I have a slight obsession with summer fruits. The berries, peaches, cherries, melons, how can you not fall in love with all this gorgeousness?

And while eating the fruits as such is wonderful, baking with them is even more wonderful! One...

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Afghani Pulao

Disclaimer: I always like to write a little disclaimer when I post traditional recipes (other than Indian of course!). My love for cooking motivates me to try different types of cuisines in the world, but I obviously cannot comment about how authentic the recipes are.

Whatever I know is through books and internet but what I can tell you is that this recipe of Afghani Pulao was delicious and I am so happy to be sharing it with you guys! I love Afghan cuisine, it’s one my absolute favorites and one of the most popular recipe on the blog happens to be Afghan...

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Quinoa Chickpea Salad with Mango

When my family was here, I made tons of calorie rich food, no really look at this and this and there was more which never made it to the blog. And as a result of this indulgence (read: over indulgence) I have put on few pounds! Urgh I so hate it when my jeans starts to get tighter. Anyway now in order to get back on track I am trying to eat salads for dinner. I am still eating my desserts and exercise is one thing which I always do, so that is there but now I am deliberately trying to add in more salads to my diet.

The good...

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