Afghani Pulao

Disclaimer: I always like to write a little disclaimer when I post traditional recipes (other than Indian of course!). My love for cooking motivates me to try different types of cuisines in the world, but I obviously cannot comment about how authentic the recipes are.

Whatever I know is through books and internet but what I can tell you is that this recipe of Afghani Pulao was delicious and I am so happy to be sharing it with you guys! I love Afghan cuisine, it’s one my absolute favorites and one of the most popular recipe on the blog happens to be Afghan...

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Salted Caramel Macarons

I always talk about how much I love to cook, how much I love to bake and yes also how much I love to click food (never thought this would happen one day but it did!) but I rarely talk about what I dislike about food blogging. And I have to say that cleaning the mess that I create after cooking and clicking pictures is what I hate the most. I REALLY REALLY hate it. Okay sorry for the caps, I just wanted to make it clear how much I hate it! Urgh!

The other day I made these salted caramel macarons, the shell making part was easy and I didn’t create enough mess. And...

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Quinoa Chickpea Salad with Mango

When my family was here, I made tons of calorie rich food, no really look at this and this and there was more which never made it to the blog. And as a result of this indulgence (read: over indulgence) I have put on few pounds! Urgh I so hate it when my jeans starts to get tighter. Anyway now in order to get back on track I am trying to eat salads for dinner. I am still eating my desserts and exercise is one thing which I always do, so that is there but now I am deliberately trying to add in more salads to my diet.

The good...

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