Halloween Donut Macarons

Macarons, they just make me very happy. Oh, let me rephrase it, French Macarons – they make me extremely happy! Well french macarons are different from macarons so I thought I would make it clear which macaron I am talking about! Oh and these cute little Halloween donut macarons made me extra happy. Seriously how cute are these! I don’t even feel like eating them, I only want to look at them! Whee!

These are regular french macarons with...

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Flourless Almond Butter Cookies

Here I present to you my new favorite cookie recipe, incredibly easy to make and it’s flourless and also vegan! I swear it tastes so good that it made me forget my chocolate chip cookies, well almost. There’s a problem though, they are so good that I can’t stop eating them. I think I ate 4 in an hour, no kidding. These cookies melt in your mouth, they are incredibly...

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