Overnight Stuffed French Toast

Breakfast – the most important meal of the day and I also think it’s the most neglected meal. Isn’t it? I mean I know so many people who skip breakfast or simply don’t feel like eating anything in the morning. I think I have mentioned this before that my husband was in the same category before we got married but now he eats his breakfast every day. I take full credit for this transformation 😀

Anyway even though we eat breakfast every day, it’s the usual sandwich/cereals/toast/paratha most of the days because who has the time to cook something fancy in the morning? Umm not me!...

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Mini Banoffee Pies

How easy it is to fall off the fitness bandwagon and how difficult is it to get back? If only it was the opposite *sigh*. Do you guys agree with me? I love to workout and it’s an integral part of my lifestyle. I have never been into lifting super heavy weights and all but I indulge in some form of physical activity at least 5 times week. It could be zumba or a run or yoga , anything which makes me happy and calms me down. Now why am I telling you guys all this? Because almost a month back, I injured my knee while running and since then I haven’t done any workout. I hate, absolutely hate such forced breaks. For the last one month, I haven’t...

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Strawberry Lassi

Spring is finally here with Easter less than a week away. While I always want to share dessert recipes for holidays this time I am making an exception. Today I am sharing with you a super simple recipe, which traditionally doesn’t belong on the Easter table but I see no reason why it shouldn’t?! It’s fresh, delicious and perfect for spring. I think that qualifies my Strawberry Lassi for the Easter brunch. Isn’t it?

Lassi refers to any yogurt based drink in India and it’s quite popular in US as well. The most popular lassi in this part of the world is Mango Lassi, I swear I have seen it in every damn Indian restaurant I have...

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