Creamy Cucumber Dip

Creamy cucumber dip is an easy to put together dip and is great with chips, pretzels, pita bread and more!

This weekend was so bright and sunny in Seattle, even though the temperatures were in 50’s and it was in fact quite chilly at night. Okay you folks from the east coast and around, I know it’s nothing compared to what you guys have got, but still it’s too much for us here! Anyway I love the sun because everything feels better when it’s shining bright. And in...

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Broccoli Carrot Paratha

Vegan Broccoli Carrot Paratha – Indian flatbread filled with a spicy broccoli and carrot filling!

After all the festivities and sugar overdose during the holidays, it’s now time to eat something healthy and what better than broccoli and carrot the get on track? They are 2 of the healthiest veggies out there and I love to eat them as such but they taste even better when you make a paratha out of them. Parathas are one of my favorite things to eat and I usually have them for breakfast at least 2 times a week. They are filling,...

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Butter Naan

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Happy Monday everyone! To kickstart this week, I am sharing with you the recipe of India’s most popular bread in the “western world” – naan. Yes I call it India’s most popular bread outside India because contrary to popular belief we do not eat naans at home. Sure it is popular but back home we eat naans only in restaurants and parties. What we do eat everyday is a simple roti, which is made of 100% whole wheat flour and nothing...

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