Malpua Recipe – How to make Malpua

No Holi in my home was complete without malpua -fried pancakes with crisp edges and soft center dunked in sugar syrup! It’s an indulgent dessert for special occasions!

There’s almost always a food ritual associated with big festivals/holidays, isn’t it? Like a sweet which your mom definitely made for Diwali or family favorite mashed potatoes which were always on the table for Thanksgiving dinner. We kind of grow up with these rituals and they are do deeply ingrained in our mind that we unknowingly carry forward these rituals after we becomes adults and have our own family. It’s so amazing how food bonds us all. One of my best...

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Chai Shortbread Cookies

Spiced, buttery and festive Chai Shortbread Cookies!

Cookie season! Isn’t it everyones favorite? What are you guys baking this year? One of my favorite cookies to bake during Christmas are shortbread cookies and this time around I gave a twist by adding chai spices to them. These Chai Shortbread Cookies aren’t your regular shortbread, they are spiced with cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, ginger and black pepper which makes them so much more flavorful.

I haven’t baked much this year because I have been terribly busy with a big surprise that’s...

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Chocolate Dipped Milk Peda

Instant Milk Peda dipped in chocolate and sprinkled with pistachios. So easy and festive!

My dad and brothers went back to India this week. The house is so quite, it always feels so empty when family leaves, yeah after a while you get used to it but for few days it feels really lonely. Good thing I have so much work, like I am literally drowning in work so that’s keeping me busy. I have realized that its very important to stay busy especially after I lost mom, it became all the more important to keep myself occupied. Otherwise when you have no work, your mind just keeps going...

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