Masala Oats Idli

Me and Sarvesh have decided to do a little detox in 2018. No there’s no resolution and we aren’t the greatest fitness enthusiast either but we thought let’s try not eating any refined and processed stuff in January. You know basically cutting down on the white stuff- white flour, white rice, white sugar etc. Let me tell you it’s not easy! We don’t really crave for these things but they are present in everything! It’s when you want to avoid them that you notice that you have been eating them everyday in something or the other – like in your crackers, your cereal, your mint – the list is...

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Instant Pot Chana Dal

Easy and delicious Instant Pot Chana Dal is comforting and vegan and you can make this recipe in no time using your instant pot!

If you love all the Instant Pot vegetarian/vegan recipes that I share on the blog, please join me on this Facebook Group – Instant Pot Vegetarian Recipes. The group would share/feature vegetarian instant pot recipes and ideas from all around the web!


So I am back with my Instant Pot series. I realize that I haven’t shared an IP recipes on the blog for quite some time now and that’s because I wasn’t in...

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Vegetable Kurma

Make restaurant style Vegetable Kurma with this step by step recipe!

For an Instant Pot version of Vegetable Korma go here –> Instant Pot Vegetable Korma

I feel like I have been neglecting my blog a lot lately. Obviously this wasn’t planned but well life happens and sometimes you just have to take a back seat and I guess that’s what happened with me. But now I am back into my kitchen and will try to keep things normal around here, at least till I am here. I have always tried to have my blog running no matter what the situation is (in my personal life) and I feel more or less I have...

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