Malpua Recipe – How to make Malpua

No Holi in my home was complete without malpua -fried pancakes with crisp edges and soft center dunked in sugar syrup! It’s an indulgent dessert for special occasions!

There’s almost always a food ritual associated with big festivals/holidays, isn’t it? Like a sweet which your mom definitely made for Diwali or family favorite mashed potatoes which were always on the table for Thanksgiving dinner. We kind of grow up with these rituals and they are do deeply ingrained in our mind that we unknowingly carry forward these rituals after we becomes adults and have our own family. It’s so amazing how food bonds us all. One of my best...

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Puff Pastry Samosa

Puff Pastry Samosa – the famous samosa made easy with puff pastry – with holidays around the corner, these would make great appetizer! They are also vegan!

I can’t believe we are less than a month away from Thanksgiving! Wow, I don’t really know where the time went, but I do know that with Thanksgiving being so close, we all need to focus on food! I know planning a Thanksgiving dinner can be challenging but I hope some of the recipe that I will be sharing in the next few weeks will make it easier for you guys to plan your menu. An easy snack or appetizer is a must on the Thanksgiving...

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Instant Pot Cranberry Orange Chutney

Instant Pot Cranberry Orange Chutney – easy holiday chutney done right in the Instant Pot. Vegan & gluten-free. You can also make this on a stove-top!

If you love all the Instant Pot vegetarian/vegan recipes that I share on the blog, please join me on this Facebook Group – Instant Pot Vegetarian Recipes. The group would share/feature vegetarian instant pot recipes and ideas from all around the web!

I am loving my evening walks these days. Yeah evening because morning is just not happening. Everyday I try to get up early and go for a run or do some workout, but it’s just not happening. So,...

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