Instant Pot Beetroot Pulao

Beetroot Pulao (Pilaf) made in the Instant Pot – easy weeknight meal with the goodness of beets, flavored with cumin, curry leaves & coconut! Vegan & gluten-free.

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Most people in my family don’t like beets. I don’t know if its a common thing but I have noticed that in India generally people are not very fond of beets. I think the reason behind this is that...

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Methi Paratha

Whole wheat flatbread with fresh fenugreek leaves. Methi Paratha are delicious, healthy and taste great with pickle or fresh butter!

Winters in Delhi are very specific food wise. There are certain things which you would see in every house only during winters – like gajar halwa (carrot pudding), maaki ki roti & sarson ka saag (bread made with cornmeal and creamy spiced greens) & these methi paratha! Fresh methi (fenugreek) leaves are in abundance during winters and so they are used in a numbers of recipes during this time of the year. Aloo methi  (potatoes with fenugreek leaves) is pretty common but my favorite way to enjoy methi is these...

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Roasted Whole Cauliflower Tikka

Are you not sure what to serve your vegetarian guests in place of turkey on the Thanksgiving table? Try this Roasted Cauliflower Tikka. Whole cauliflower marinated with aromatic spices then baked in the oven and served with a tomato based creamy sauce! This will surely impress your vegetarian guests!

Do you guys like forced break? I have to travel this weekend for some important work (which cannot be avoided) and I don’t really like it! I have so much work and I am being forced to take a break. In a way it’s good because I haven’t been feeling good lately – both...

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