Homemade Strawberry Syrup

Homemade Strawberry Syrup made from fresh strawberries! This is my favorite syrup to use on pancakes, waffles, french toast & more!

I am eating so such seasonal stuff in India these days especially things that I don’t really get in the US. For example gajar halwa (carrot pudding) made of red carrots! You do get carrots in the US of course but any north Indian would vouch for the fact that the halwa made from red carrots that you get during winters in Delhi is just no match for the halwa made from orange carrots. It is for this reason that I have stopped making gajar halwa in Seattle. I just can’t bring...

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New York Style Cheesecake + Tips to make the perfect cheesecake!

The perfect and creamiest New York Style Cheesecake aka the classic Cheesecake! I am sharing with you guys all the tips that you need for making a restaurant style cheesecake at home. Don’t forget to read all the tips before making this recipe!

Guys I was not going to share this recipe today. The reason is that I just made this new york style cheesecake over the weekend and I usually don’t do such a quick turn around on blog posts. But this cheesecake was such perfection that I had to share it, like I could not wait one more day. Let’s get straight to the cheesecake business today. I know most people love cheesecakes and I...

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Chocolate Nutella Cake Roll

This Chocolate Nutella Cake Roll has a chocolate cake roll filled with creamy nutella and fresh strawberries. Topped with powdered sugar, this makes an elegant Valentine’s Day treat!

I have thing for cake rolls. They always catch my attention. I think that’s because they look so pretty and not only that, they are also super easy to make. I always say that I love desserts which look really pretty and fancy and yet are really simple to cake. Like chocolate lava cakes, that just tops my favorite dessert list for this very reason. Something so easy to make looks so fancy when you present it to your guests and...

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