Lemon Bundt Cake with Chocolate Glaze

Lemon Bundt Cake drizzled with an easy Chocolate Glaze and topped with M&M’s® Easter Sundae is a great dessert for your Easter table!

What do you guys think about the daylight savings? Annoying? Required? I absolutely hate losing an hour in the spring but obviously love the extra hour we get back later in the year. The thing is that I do not understand this whole concept of day light savings. We don’t have it in India but the first time I faced...

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Homemade Burger Buns

Soft and light homemade burger buns are so much better than store bought. Use them in any burger recipe or simply enjoy them with some warm jam and honey!

Few years back when I discovered my love for baking, I thought I could be a great cake decorator too. You know all those fancy cakes attracted me and so I enrolled myself into cake decorating classes. I took 12 of those classes in the next 2 years and by the end of it I realized “this is not me”. I mean I like decorating...

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The BEST Salted Caramel Sauce

The best homemade salted caramel sauce. This is my absolute favorite fool proof recipe, with all the tips and tricks to get this right every single time!

I know I already have a salted caramel sauce recipe on the blog, BUT I felt like doing another post on this because I made this one in a different way and I had so much to share! I have been drowning in salted caramel for the last few weeks. I bought a big pack of heavy cream from Costco and I thought the best way to use...

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35+ Valentine’s Day Recipes

    When it comes to Valentine’s Day recipes I can’t think beyond chocolate! The fact that I am a chocoholic may or may not have to do anything with this! ? Actually this day gives me a reason to bake and eat as much as chocolate I can. Not that I ever need a reason to do either of them but when it’s Valentine’s Day I eat all the more!

    Since 14th Feb is only a few days away now [WHAT?!!] I thought it would be a good idea to a do...

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    Berry Orange Pavlova Cake

    Crispy from outside and gooey from inside, this Berry Orange Pavlova Cake is one of my favorite desserts. It’s light, refreshing, super impressive to look at and will be the perfect dessert for Valentine’s Day!

    Please excuse me while I plant my face into this deliciousness! Do you blame me if I tell you I ate this pavlova for lunch? All my healthy eating new year resolution went down the drain the moment I took one bite of this gorgeous dessert. So good you guys! I have a thing for meringues, they are...

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    Top 10 recipes of 2015 on Cook With Manali

      Another years comes to an end. Tomorrow is not only a new day but also a new year. This has been a great year for me. We bought our own house and even though we are still struggling to put it all together (that’s a separate topic for another post!) we couldn’t be happier. Also Cook With Manali has grown steadily. I never imagined working full time on my blog but now I do and love it. I love my job and there can’t be anything better than that. I worked super hard on my blog this year, the last few months before my India...

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      20 Treats for Valentine’s Day

        Can you believe that Valentine’s Day is just 2 days away which actually means we are in mid Feb! How and why does time fly so quickly? The year just started, don’t you agree? Anyway whether you celebrate valentine’s day or not, you would agree that all the chocolates and desserts are...

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        Apple Galette

          Confession – I am becoming obsessed with French Baking these days. I have always believed that no one talks desserts like the French do. All their desserts are so sophisticated and so delicious. I have always been drawn by the art of french pastry making, it fascinates me a lot. Macarons are gorgeous, so are their tarts and their breads? Ahh breathtaking! Sometimes I feel like running to Paris to learn it all. If only it was that easy, in fact I haven’t even been to Paris once! But one can always dream...

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