Paneer Momos

Schezwan Paneer Momos are filled with paneer and vegetables and tossed in a spicy homemade schezwan sauce. These vegetarian dumplings are so good on their own or with a side of spicy chutney.

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Momos are small dumplings filled with meat/vegetables which travelled across the borders from Tibet and Nepal to become popular in India. They initially became popular in north-east and eventually everywhere else.

These are like an upgraded version of veggie momos because they are not only filled with veggies and paneer but also pan fried and tossed in my spicy homemade schezwan sauce. You guys have to try this recipe.

For this recipe, the steamed momos are pan fried and then tossed in schezwan sauce. I used my homemade schezwan sauce here but you can definitely use store bought. We all can use shortcuts on busy days, so if you don’t have time to make this sauce at home, just use any brand that you like.

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