Palak Paneer is one of the most popular paneer dishes. Paneer (Indian cottage cheese) is cooked with spinach and spices in this creamy and flavorful curry. It pairs well with naan, paratha or jeera rice.

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Palak is spinach (in hindi) & Paneer is Indian cottage cheese. So, this curry is made with spinach and Indian cottage cheese. The spinach is blanched and then pureed. It’s then cooked with spices and simmered on low heat with paneer. Cream is added to cut down on the bitterness of the spinach leaves and also make it rich.

What is Palak Paneer

For the curry, I first blanch the spinach and then puree it. Once the spinach is boiled, add it to ice cold water. This helps in retaining the color of the spinach.

How to Make Palak Paneer

The curry is made of the spinach puree, tomato, onion, ginger and garlic. I use lot of garlic because in my opinion spinach and garlic go really well together. However, if you are not a fan, you may cut down on it or skip it altogether. 

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- Spinach - Tomato - Garlic - Ginger - Green Chili - Oil - Onion - Garam Masala - Turmeric Powder - Chili Powder - Heavy cream - Paneer - Kasuri Methi - Lemon Juice

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