Whipped Paneer Dip

with Spicy Honey

Looking for a fun appetizer for the holiday season? Try this Whipped Paneer Dip with Spicy Honey!

Made with paneer, feta, mint, jalapeños and topped with a spicy honey (the best part!), this is a crowd pleaser.

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If you love sweet and spicy flavors together, then you are going to love this one.

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Ingredients for the Dip

–Paneer –Feta cheese –Garlic cloves –Jalapeño  –Mint leaves –Lemon juice  –Salt  –Black pepper  –Cream 

Ingredients for Spicy Honey

–Olive oil –Kashmiri red chili powder –Black pepper –Red chili flakes –Smoked paprika –Honey


1. To a food processor or blender, add crumbled paneer (take the block of paneer and crumble it with your hands), feta cheese.

2. Also add the garlic, jalapeño, mint leaves and lemon juice.

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