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Brown Rice

Both white rice and brown rice are high in carbohydrates. White rice is basically brown rice minus the germ and the bran. Because brown rice contains the whole grain it is said to be a healthier alternative. It has more fiber, minerals and vitamins than the white counterpart.

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✓ is really easy to make in the IP! ✓ full-proof method which results in perfect brown rice every time ✓ no need to baby sit, just add everything to the IP and you’re done.

This Instant Pot Brown Rice

The recipe has only 4 ingredients. Brown rice: you can use whichever brown rice you prefer here. I like the one from Trader Joe’s and that is what I have used in the recipe. Olive oil: addition of oil helps flavor the rice and also improves the texture. You can use any oil here, I prefer olive oil.

Salt: just like the oil, salt helps in flavoring the rice, so I do recommend adding some of it. Water: and of course you need some water to cook the rice. These are pretty much the basic ingredients you need for this recipe. 

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