Mango Sticky Rice

(Instant Pot & Stovetop)

Making Mango Sticky Rice at home is easier than you think! Sticky rice flavored with a sweet coconut sauce and served with delicious summer mangoes.

It’s a traditional Thai dessert made with sweet rice/glutinous rice also known as sticky rice.

What is Mango Sticky Rice?


Take 1 cup sweet rice in a bowl and rinse with cold water until water turns clear. I did this step of rinsing 6 to 7 times until the water was no longer cloudy.

Step by Step Instructions

Then drain the rice using a strainer. Do this step else rice might be left with more water which will have an impact on the final texture of the rice.

Now transfer it to a steel bowl and add water . Stir so that all rice is under the water. Place the lid of bowl on top.

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