Paan Cheesecake


These Paan Cheesecake Truffles are made with cream cheese, parle-g crumbs, real paan leaves and flavored with gulkand and garnished with candied fennel.

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If you love meetha paan, then you are going to love this fusion dessert. It’s super easy to make, no-bake and great to make for your Diwali party!


–Parle-g biscuits  –Paan leaves –Heavy cream –Kewra water –Rose water –Cream cheese –Fennel seeds  –Gulkand rose petal jam –White chocolate  –Green food color  –Candied fennel, coconut to garnish


1. To a food processor, add parle-g biscuits. Pulse a few times until the biscuits turn into crumbs.

2. Now, to a blender, add chopped paan leaves along with cream, rose water and kewra water.

3. Now, to the steel bowl of your stand mixer add crushed parle-g crumbs, prepared paan leaves paste along with cream cheese and crushed fennel seeds.

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