Make restaurant style garlic naan at home with this easy step-by-step recipe. Soft and Buttery Homemade Garlic Naan - just like the one from your favorite Indian restaurant! Enjoy it with your favorite curry!

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Like most breads, naan too is made with basic ingredients like flour, yeast, water/milk, sugar. I add some yogurt to it keep it soft and nice. Since this recipe is for garlic naan, I also add some grated garlic to the dough and then brush the naan with lots of garlic butter.

What Do We Need To Make Naan?

I made this garlic naan on stove-top. Traditionally naan is made is made in a tandoor (clay oven) but at home, I prefer the stove-top method. You can bake them in oven but I think they are so much softer and better when cooked on stove-top.

Also, I highly recommend cooking these on a cast iron skillet. I have made these on non-stick and other pans, they taste so much better when made on a cast iron.

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- All Purpose Flour - Salt - Water - Sugar - Dry Yeast - Milk - Yogurt - Oil - Garlic Cloves - Nigella Seeds/ Kalonji - Butter - Cilantro

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