The triangular shaped flaky pastry filled with spicy potato, chicken or lamb filling is a popular snack not only in India but in several countries of the world. Because samosa is so so common in India (you literally get samosa and chai at every other street corner), I always considered it to be a quintessential Indian delicacy.

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But only later I read that it has its origin in Middle East and it was introduced to India during the Delhi Sultanate rule. It was later adapted as a vegetarian snack with spicy potato filling in India (which is  what is most popular in northern India).

This Homemade Samosa: ✓ is crispy and flaky ✓ tastes just like the samosa from your favorite shop ✓ is filled with a flavorful potato and peas filling ✓ tastes great with a cup of chai! ✓ is also vegan

This happens when you fry the samosa in hot oil. You need to fry the samosa on low heat always. Also, your dough needs to be stiff. Soft dough will also result in a not-so-crispy samosa.

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Why is My Samosa Not Crispy?


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