These naan taste so much better than store bought and pair perfectly with your favorite curry. This is absolutely full proof and makes amazing, soft and fluffy naan- just the way they should be!

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Naan needs no introduction, it is popular everywhere! However, when we eat out at Indian restaurants here in the US, I often don’t like their naans. They are mostly dry or hard and just not how I want my naan to be. And it’s the same with the ones that you can buy at stores.

These Vegan Naan: - are soft and pillow-y - made with basic pantry ingredients - are so much better than store bought naan - pair so well with any dal or curry

The recipe calls for basic ingredients and if you are vegan or use non-dairy ingredients in your cooking often, then you must already be having these in your kitchen. And there’s some vegan butter to brush the naan once done! You can also add garlic, nigella seeds, cilantro to flavor the naans.

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