As the temperature rises, it’s time to bring out the grill and enjoy delicious food with that distinct smoky and charred flavor. Grilling adds a unique depth and richness to vegetarian dishes, from juicy vegetables to hearty burgers. Here, you’ll find a mouth-watering collection of vegetarian grilling recipes that are sure to satisfy your cravings.

From flavorful Paneer Tikka to creative Grilled Avocado sticks, these recipes are perfect for a relaxed lunch with friends or a fun backyard barbecue with family. Impress your guests with the smoky aroma and bold flavors of these delicious dishes.

Malai Aloo Tikka

Looking for a different way to grill potatoes? Try this Malai Aloo Tikka! Baby potatoes coated with a spiced marinade made with yogurt, cream cheese, almond flour and cream. Lightly spiced with coriander, garam masala and cardamom powder, this is a delicious way to enjoy potatoes during summer!

Whenever it comes to Indian vegetarian grilling, the first thing that comes to my mind is Paneer. Whether it’s the regular paneer tikka or the hariyali paneer tikka, it’s something that’s...

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Hariyali Paneer Tikka

If you are looking for a great vegetarian appetizer for your summer grilling party, then look no further than this Hariyali Paneer Tikka!

Cubes of paneer marinated with yogurt, spices and a paste made with cilantro and mint, this is best enjoyed with a squeeze of lemon and more chutney on the side.

We all love paneer tikka, don’t we? Paneer marinated with yogurt, spices and...

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Smoked Tandoori Paneer Sandwich

This Tandoori Paneer Sandwich has a spicy paneer filling with cilantro chutney, sriracha mayonnaise & cheese! It’s spicy, cheesy and has a infused smoky flavor through charcoal. It makes the perfect brunch for the weekend.

I haven’t shared many sandwich recipes here on the blog and that needs to change. Sandwiches are often thought to be quite simple and may I say boring?

In my opinion...

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Mushroom Tikka

Flavorful Mushroom Tikka makes a delightful vegan appetizer!

Mushrooms are coated with a almond milk yogurt based marinade and then roasted in the oven until cooked and little charred.

I have been cooking with mushrooms a lot lately.

The reason is that my in-laws are here and I have some company in my mushroom fan club! Yes,...

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Paneer Tikka

Make restaurant style Paneer Tikka at home with this easy recipe!

Cubes of paneer, onion and bell peppers are marinated with spices and yogurt and then roasted in the oven to perfection.

Traditionally paneer tikka is grilled in a tandoor but you get the same amazing taste by broiling in the oven too!

Paneer Tikka was one appetizer which we always ordered when we ate out in...

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Baingan Bharta – Roasted Eggplant Mash

Smokey roasted eggplant mash with Indian spices, this punjabi baingan bharta is a very popular dish in North India and one of my personal favorites too.

It’s best enjoyed with hot rotis or paratha!

Some veggies are liked universally while others have limited appeal, the eggplant (baingan in Hindi) belongs to the latter category. I don’t know how true it is but this is what I observed growing up,...

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Kung Pao Grilled Cauliflower Tacos

Easy and flavorful Grilled Kung Pao Cauliflower Tacos! These are perfect to enjoy this grilling season and come together in a snap thanks to NEW P.F. Chang’s® Home Menu sauces!

Do you guys love Asian food? Personally, I am a huge fan! I pretty much love everything about it, the flavors are amazing and I also love the fact that there are so many vegetarian options. I love cooking Asian food at home but more often than not I do not have the ingredients for the...

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Grilled Peaches with Mascarpone

Grilled Peaches with mascarpone cheese and honey makes an elegant summer dessert.

I can’t get enough of peaches right now. Every weekend I get this huge box from Costco or the farmer’s market, they are so delicious that it’s hard to resist. But the problem is that the peaches in the box are way too many for the 2 of us to consume. So last week I baked with them and this weekend we grilled them and made this really delicious dessert. Grilled peaches with mascarpone...

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Grilled Avocado Toast Sticks

Thank you to LA VICTORIA® Brand for sponsoring today’s post and inspiring me to try Mango Habanero Salsa!

Grilled Avocado Toast Sticks topped with onion, radish, salsa, arugula and lime. A great vegetarian option for the summer grilling season!

Grilling season is in full swing now. We bought a really mini grill last year but now that things have settled down a bit, we want to buy a bigger one. Not like...

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Bombay Veggie Grilled Cheese Sandwich

    We all know how important breakfast is. It is the most important meal of the day and one which you should not miss however how many of us actually never leave our home without eating a hearty breakfast? My hubby never used to eat anything in the morning. He would get ready and head out to work and then straight away eat his lunch around noon. However things changed after we got married, initially it was tough for me to change this habit as his body was not used to eating food in the morning. He would feel like throwing up and what not but now...

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    Grilled Cheese Paneer & Corn Sandwich

      What is your favorite quick breakfast recipe? Mine are oats and sandwiches, both are filling and can be prepared rather quickly. I make a lot of sandwiches for breakfast, usually I just add some tomatoes, onions, avocados to my whole wheat bread and eat it and that hardly takes me 10 minutes. However there are days when I want to make a special sandwich like this Grilled Apple Peanut Butter Sandwich or this Veggie Grilled Cheese Sandwich and...

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      Grilled Apple Peanut Butter Sandwich

        And I’m again back to peanut butter [PB]! I think I need help, I have 5 bottles of peanut butter right now in my refrigerator, yes 5 and that explains the amount of peanut butter recipes I have on my blog – peanut butter chocolate chip granola, peanut...

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