Instant Pot Beetroot Pulao

Beetroot Pulao (Pilaf) made in the Instant Pot – easy weeknight meal with the goodness of beets, flavored with cumin, curry leaves & coconut! Vegan & gluten-free.

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Most people in my family don’t like beets. I don’t know if its a common thing but I have noticed that in India generally people are not very fond of beets. I think the reason behind this is that...

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Spiced Beetroot Buttermilk

The weather has become so unpredictable. Few days back it had become grey and cold and I actually thought it is time to buy some pumpkin cans. No kidding, seriously the weather just gave me that kind of a vibe. And then this week things changed again, totally! The sun is shining bright and it’s hot and I say thank god for that. Because no matter how hot it is, I don’t want to let go off summer, not yet anyway.

I crave for refreshing drinks when it’s hot. Water is of course my favorite drink and I can’t stand soda. In fact you would be surprised to hear that I can’t remember the last time I had it. Actually...

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Roasted Beetroot Raita

Such a pretty color, isn’t it? I mean the color of this raita. I’m so in love with this pretty magenta! Raita is always an integral part of Indian meals, it has to do with the fact that our food is full of spices and so we do need a cooling raita to balance off the heat. Raita is nothing but a yogurt dip to which we add little seasoning. It’s mostly made of vegetables but fruit ones are also becoming popular these days, like this pineapple raita.

In my home, raita was served at least 3-4 times a week with our lunch. It was mostly onion raita or cucumber or spinach and of course the easiest and...

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