Mango Nutella Cake

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Mango-Nutella Cake

Nutella and Mango.

Can there ever be 2 more delicious things?

Mango is my husband’s favorite fruit and I love nutella. So I thought of combining these flavors in a cake and it resulted in  a soft, moist cake with the delicious nutella melting into the mouth. Yummm!


Mangoes are easily available these days since it’s summer time and what better way to use them than in a cake! I used fresh mango puree in the cake, you can of course use the canned mango puree that you get at the Indian stores. However I do recommend using fresh mangoes, it elevates the taste to an altogether different level.

So let’s get started.

Dry Ingredients

All purpose flour: 1.25 cup

Sugar: 3/4 cup

Salt: 1/8 tsp

Baking Powder: 1 tsp


Wet Ingredients

Oil: 2/3 cup [I used canola oil]

Mango Puree: 3/4 cup

Eggs: 2

Vanilla: 1 tsp

Nutella: 8-10 tbsp



1. Take all purpose flour in a mixing bowl and add salt and baking powder to it. Sift the mixture using a sifter, you can sift twice so that all the dry ingredients mix well together. Set the bowl aside.


2. Break eggs in a separate bowl and whisk them up. Whisk one egg properly before adding another. Set aside. Now we need to puree the mango, peel a fresh mango and cut it into small pieces. Make a puree of the mango pieces using a blender.


3. Next take oil in another mixing bowl and slowly add sugar to it. Mix using a blender till the oil and sugar come to a smooth consistency. This will take 2-3 minutes. Next add in the vanilla and the beaten eggs and mix well.


4. Add in the mango puree now and mix well. We now need to add in the  flour mix. Add slowly, do not dump the entire flour in one go. Beat well, you cake batter is now ready. We now need to set the pan for baking.


I used a 8.5 X 4.5 cake pan for making this mango nutella cake.

5. Grease the pan with oil. Now pour 1/3rd of the batter in the pan, it will be a thin layer but do not worry about it. The end result will come out just fine. Next put in the nutella, you can use an ice cream scoop to pour in the nutella. I used around 4 tsbp of nutella in one layer but if you want more of it, go ahead.


6. Again pour 1/3rd of the batter over this nutella.

7. The next layer will again be of nutella and finally pour the remaining cake batter at the top.

8. So we made 5 layers in all. Now you can take a knife and swirl it around so that when you cut the slices they look all pretty 🙂 See my creativity with the knife! [ I know it looks like a mess] Moving on.


9. The cake in now ready to go into the oven for baking. Bake the cake at 350 F [oven needs to be pre-heated at 350 F] for 40-45 minutes or till a tooth pick inserted in the center comes out clean. Little nutella sticking to the tooth pick is fine.

10. Once the cake is done, let it cool completely on a cooling wire rack. Do not try to cut it before it has cooled down.


11. Cut into slices and store. See the beautiful nutella running in between the cake?


The cake can be stored in an air-tight container and will remain good for 5-6 days.




– Use more oil if you want a very very moist cake.

– The quantity of sugar can be increased. The reason I used 3/4th was because of the nutella [as it already has lot of sugar in it]. But you will be fine with 1 cup sugar as well.

– Use fresh mango puree for better results.

– If you are a nutella fan, go ahead and use more of it.

– Let the cake cool completely before you cut it into slices.

Hi, I’m Manali!

Bringing you easy, delicious vegetarian & vegan recipes! Eating veggies can be fun, you just need to get creative in the kitchen with the right set of ingredients!

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  1. Made this cake yesterday, your reciepes are so perfect, even doubled it without an issue – had so many friends all of them loved it.

    Will try more of your recieps !!