Mawa Cake Recipe | Indian Mawa Cake


Mawa Cake is a cake with an Indian touch. It is made using  ingredients commonly used in Indian sweets like mawa (also known as khoya), saffron and cardamom.

The cake is popular in Parsi/Irani bakery shops in Mumbai and Pune. It is made from mawa which is nothing but dried whole milk. Mawa is used to make a lot of Indian sweets like peda, gulab jamun and making a cake out of it  feels like you are eating a cake cum mithai!

I baked this cake when I was trying to come up with a recipe for my in-laws who were visiting us from India. They aren’t too fond of chocolates and regular flavors seemed too common and so I attempted this.  The cake turned out quite well and everyone enjoyed eating it.

Look how soft and buttery it looks.


The main ingredient of mawa cake is but obviously mawa which is often prepared at home and is also easily available in India. But if  you are staying abroad it mind not be readily available. Many people use ricotta cheese/ milk powder/ condensed milk as a substitute for mawa but in my opinion using mawa just elevates the taste so much. You can also prepare it quickly at your home by using milk powder and heavy cream.

I got frozen mawa from the Indian grocery store in my city. Mawa Cake is delicious and I am definitely going to make this again. This cake is as Indian as it can get!

Here’s what you need for making this cake.


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