Indian Tricolor Macarons

Indian Tricolor Macarons are filled with all the beautiful colors of the Indian flag to celebrate India’s 70th Independence Day!

Hey guys! I usually don’t post over the weekend but today I have a special reason! India’s Independence Day is on Monday, the 15th of August and I wanted to post one tricolor treat before that. Remember I shared these tricolor cupcakes long back on Indian Republic Day? That was way back and since then I didn’t share any tricolor food. I mean I...

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Easter Macarons

“Egg” Easter Macarons will be a great addition to your Easter table. These cookies are filled with all spring flavors like raspberry, blueberry and lemon, making them the perfect little treat for Easter!

I think by now I have made macarons for almost all occasions – Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day and now Easter! I know few holidays are remaining but rest assured...

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Peppermint Macarons

I am back with yet another macaron recipe and this time they are pretty festive! These Peppermint Macarons are filled with a delicious peppermint buttercream and rolled in crushed candy canes to make the perfect little treat for the Holidays!

Starting today I will be sharing some of my favorite cookie recipes with you guys. Well honestly, I wanted to share lots more but last month was so busy with travelling and then packing for my India trip that I didn’t...

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Salted Caramel Macarons

I always talk about how much I love to cook, how much I love to bake and yes also how much I love to click food (never thought this would happen one day but it did!) but I rarely talk about what I dislike about food blogging. And I have to say that cleaning the mess that I create after cooking and clicking pictures is what I hate the most. I REALLY REALLY hate it. Okay sorry for the caps, I just wanted to make it clear how much I hate it! Urgh!

The other day I made these salted caramel macarons, the shell making part was easy...

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Chocolate Macarons with Rose Filling

    If you have been following my blog for a while, you would know that I love French Macarons. To be honest I am extremely fascinated by French Pastry and can never have enough of it. Even though I don’t have any formal training, I try to learn about it as much as I can through books and internet. In my opinion, there isn’t possibly a better cookie than French Macarons! You have to bite into one of these gorgeous cookies to understand what I am talking about and if you have never had a French Macaron, you really don’t know what you have been missing out in...

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    Halloween Donut Macarons

    Macarons, they just make me very happy. Oh, let me rephrase it, French Macarons – they make me extremely happy! Well french macarons are different from macarons so I thought I would make it clear which macaron I am talking about! Oh and these cute little Halloween donut macarons made me extra happy. Seriously how cute are these! I don’t even feel like eating them, I only want to look at them!...

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    Lemon Macarons

      As someone who bakes so much, baking French Macarons to perfection is probably one of the most satisfying things for me personally. I remember the first time I tried macarons, I was really not sure how to go about it. I had already read so much...

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      French Macarons: The Basics

        French macarons are little delicious treats which are to die for. They really are! Honestly, if you haven’t tasted them then you are definitely missing out. French macarons are cookies made from almond...

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        Peppermint White Hot Chocolate

        With the weather getting cold, it is time for some hot chocolate. This Peppermint White Hot Chocolate has an intense white chocolate flavor with a touch of peppermint. Served with homemade whipped cream and crushed candy canes, this is the perfect drink for the holidays!

        Right now, every coffee chain has some peppermint drink on the menu. I will be honest, I am not the biggest fan of peppermint or peppermint flavored drinks. It’s not that I don’t like it at...

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        Eggless Chocolate Chip Cake

        This soft and moist Eggless Chocolate Chip Cake makes the perfect treat.

        Dust the loaf with powdered sugar and enjoy a slice with cup of coffee or chai!

        One thing which I really miss these days is baking. When I first started cooking, I only used to bake.

        That’s the first thing I learnt even before I learnt how to...

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        45+ Vegetarian Thanksgiving Recipes

          Thanksgiving is here! And if  you are wondering what to serve to your vegetarian guests, then I have got you covered with this round-up of 45+ vegetarian Thanksgiving Recipes. Vegetarian doesn’t have to be boring right?

          These Vegetarian Thanksgiving Recipes – right from snacks & appetizers to mains to sides & of course the desserts will make sure that your dinner is packed...

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          Easy Marinara Sauce

          Really quick and easy marinara sauce, which takes around 15 minutes from start to finish! Enjoy it over your favorite pizza or pasta!

          Start off a new week and it’s also India’s Independence Day! Wishing all my Indian readers a very Happy Independence Day! Needless to say I really miss home on these days. It’s a different feeling being there! My husband really misses flying kites with his friends. Flying kites on Independence Day is quite a thing, especially in Delhi and around. So that is...

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