Apple Banana Milkshake Recipe

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So this morning I saw some apples and bananas lying in my fruit basket and thought of making a milkshake out of them. It’s a very simple recipe which can be made within minutes. It is extremely healthy and also a great way to make sure that your kids gets their daily dose of these nutritious fruits.

I kept the recipe simple but you can of course modify it in any way you want.

Here’s what you need for making this Apple Banana Milkshake.

Makes 2 glasses.


1. Milk: 2 cups

2. Apple: 1

3. Banana: 1*

4. Honey: 2 tsp or to taste

5. Ice cubes

*The banana I had was pretty big so if u have smaller ones, use 2.


1. Chop the banana in small pieces. Peel the apple and also chop it in small cubes. Now put all this in your mixer and add milk to it. Next add in the honey, you can also use sugar here. Adjust the sweetness according to your taste. Keep in mind that the fruits do have natural sugar in them.


2. Now add ice cubes and switch on the blender. Let everything blend together well before you pour it into glasses. If you like little chunks in your shake you can stop the blending early.

And your healthy and tasty Apple Banana Milkshake is ready.


– You can add jam or peanut butter to the shake to enhance it’s taste.

– Nuts can also be added to the shake. You can add almonds, just soak them for 30 minutes before blending them.

– Drink the shake immediately. The shake will turn brown later on.

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