Sandesh – Bengali Sweet

Popular Bengali Sweet, Sandesh is made with only 2 basic ingredients! Make this simple sweet at your home during this festive season!

Sweets and Bengal go hand in hand! So many of the wonderful Indian sweets have their origin from Bengal.

For those who are not aware, Bengal is a state in a the eastern part of India and well known for it’s rich culture, art and of course food!

A lot of Bengali sweets use milk as the base. For example my favorite rasgulla, chum chum and many more. Sandesh is another popular Bengali sweet which is made with only 2 basic ingredients – milk and...

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Fruit Chaat

A simple fruit chaat made with assorted fruits and flavored with cumin, chaat masala and lemon juice!

What exactly does “chaat” mean in Indian context? Well, chaat is a rather wide term used for a number of dishes.

Basically anything spicy, tangy can be termed as chaat. It’s also a loosely used term for Indian street food tike aloo tikki, golgappa etc. Talking about chaat makes my mouth water! I can never have enough.

This fruit chaat has fruits yet it’s called a chaat because it’s spicy and tangy and used a blend of spices known as chaat...

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Sabudana Kheer – Instant Pot

Creamy pudding made with tapioca pearls. This Sabudana Kheer is extremely popular during the fasting season of Navratri in India!

It’s gluten-free and made in the Instant Pot!

If you love all the Instant Pot vegetarian/vegan recipes that I share on the blog, please join me on this Facebook Group – Instant Pot Vegetarian Recipes. The group shares/features vegetarian instant pot recipes and ideas from all around the web!

Indians are celebrating Navratri worldwide this week. The festival of Navratri lasts for 9 days (nav=nine and ratri=nights) during which people pray to goddess...

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