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    My review of Rotimatic – world’s first robot for fresh rotis!


    Hello everyone! I am really excited for today’s post and this time I am not excited for a recipe rather the excitement is for a product called Rotimatic. If you are an Indian living outside India, I am pretty sure you must have heard about this robot machine which makes rotis by itself! For my non-Indian readers, roti is a whole wheat flatbread which is made pretty much everyday in Indian households across the country. We eat it with dal, curries and all kinds of sabzis. I grew up eating roti everyday for lunch and dinner, I think the only time mom did not make it was when we ate out. Other than that we ate roti every single day of the year!

    Roti is made using only 2 ingredients – water and atta (durum whole wheat flour). Adding oil is optional but a lot of people do add it as it keeps the rotis soft. Making roti is quite a skill, it does take years of practice to get it right. And while the ingredient list is simple, the whole process of making roti is not that simple. You first knead the dough, then roll it and then cook it. So it is time consuming and it really becomes difficult to make rotis on a daily basis when you are busy. In India, it isn’t that difficult since house help is easily available but here in the US, where you have to do everything on your own, making roti can be a challenge.

    I saw a video of Rotimatic couple of years back and remember being so fascinated by it! I mean a machine which can make roti with the touch of a button? Was it even possible? So imagine my excitement when I was given the opportunity to finally try Rotimatic! And after using it for 2 weeks, I am happy to share my rotimatic review with you guys! I have structured my rotimatic review in a question-answer format and have tried to answer most questions which I keep reading on social media. If there’s anything that I might have missed, please ask in the comments section below.

    Rotimatic is a flatbread making machine which makes rotis with the touch of a button. You have three containers which you fill with flour, water and oil. Once you have done that, you are ready to make rotis. It really is that simple. Anyone can make rotis with rotimatic, since I have had it, my husband has made them twice! And trust me he hasn’t rolled a roti in his life so he gets pretty excited to make them!

    Does it make home style rotis?

    Probably the most important question for everyone who wants to buy rotimatic.

    My answer – If you are a pro at making rotis, you can definitely make better rotis than rotimatic. In India, phulka or roti is made on a gas burner and that taste is unique. The rotis made from rotimatic obviously aren’t same since they are not cooked directly on fire.

    Are the rotis made from Rotimatic soft?

    Oh yes, they are totally soft. When the rotis come of the machine, they are a little crispy. So you cover them with a cloth or put them in a casserole and within a minute they are super soft and ready to be eaten!

    The rotis in the picture below are made with Rotimatic.

    Are the edges of the roti uncooked?

    I keep reading this on social media so I thought I should answer this. No, the edges are not uncooked. All rotis are perfectly cooked.

    How quickly does it make rotis?

    With rotimatic you can make 1 roti per minute. It takes 5-6 minutes to heat up initially, so I usually switch it on when I start heating my sabzi. While I heat everything else and cut salad, the rotis are done.

    What is the size of rotis made from Rotimatic?

    Around 6 inches in diameter.

    How easy it is to use Rotimatic?

    Like I said, super easy! Can you beat the fact that you can make rotis by pressing a button? You have three containers which you have to fill with flour, oil and water. You then choose the thickness, roast level and oil level of your rotis and then simply press the start button. The machine will beep if any of the three compartments need a re-fill.

    Is cleaning easy?

    Yes really easy. I clean it once a day after I am done making rotis and it hardly takes 5 minutes. The rotimatic comes with these brushes which makes cleaning very easy. The flour, oil and water containers can be washed in the dishwasher.

    Does it make a lot of noise?

    Yes it does! I think this is one major drawback of Rotimatic. It makes more noise than a microwave but probably same or less than your blendtec/vitamix or dosa grinder.

    Any health issues?

    None that I know of or has been documented.

    Cost & availability

    You can check everything at the official website – Currently it’s priced at 999USD.

    rotimatic review

    Final verdict 

    Pros: ease of use, fresh homemade rotis, easy cleaning, quick turnaround of rotis, minimal wastage of flour

    Cons: noisy, heavy & bulky – occupies space in kitchen (it’s almost same size as a regular microwave), rotis do not taste like the ones made on tawa.

    Rating: 8/10

    So should you buy it? If you have a busy life and can afford it, then definitely YES!  It will make your time in kitchen much easier. You may be able to make better rotis yourself and it’s true that these rotis are not a match for the ones your mom made but the convenience part of it is unbeatable. The machine eliminates all the steps involved in making rotis and makes the whole process literally a child’s play. The rotis are nice and soft, made fresh using your own atta – now that is so much better than eating frozen rotis or buying it from outside. If we compare the taste, the rotis made from Rotimatic taste a whole lot better than any frozen roti that you would buy at the grocery store.

    I have included a small video with this post, which will you give an idea about how this machine works. If there’s any questions/concerns about my rotimatic review , please drop me a message and I will respond at the earliest.

    I know when I was away in India, my hubby was literally buying rotis everyday from a nearby restaurant. Now when I leave him alone, I don’t have to worry about this. I am definitely enjoying my fresh rotis with Rotimatic!

    Disclosure: I received this product for review from Zimplistic. All opinions expressed are my own.

    39 thoughts on “Rotimatic Review + Video

    1. That finished product looks a lot like a flour tortilla!!
      What do you think is the major difference between a flour tortilla and rotis?
      how big is it finished 6 inches?

      1. Hi Becky…roti is a lot like tortilla…I think most tortillas that we get at stores in made from all purpose flour while roti is only made with atta which is durum whole wheat flour. and yes it’s around 6 inches, I updated that is the post as well!

    2. Which wheat flour needs to be used? Also are the flour, oil and water containers washable in dishwasher? If it want very thin then just press once the thickness option

      1. Namrata, they have listed the regular atta that can be used – it’s in the menu. When you start it asks you to choose the atta, so the ones listed are the regular ones available in the market like aashirwad, sujata etc. Yes the containers can be washed in the upper rack of dishwasher. you have 5 thickness levels to choose from!

        1. Thanks Manali
          For phulka type do I need to select one level of thickness? To make few or just 2 Rotis , the flour, water and oil containers still needs to be filled up to a maximum level ?

          1. you can change thickness as you like..I generally choose level 1…which is minimum thickness. And you don’t have to keep the containers full all the time..if you fill it once it’s probably good to make 10 rotis.

            1. Hi Manali!
              I got my Rotimatic today and I rinsed all the containers before the first use but the flour container is still not drying up since long time at the bottom double layered space. Any tips please?

    3. Hi Manali,

      Thank you for the review. It really helps. Just another question, does it stay soft for a longer period of time? Like, can you make rotis in the morning and carry it for lunch or dinner? Does it stay good that long?


      1. Hello Adi! Yes they do stay soft for a long time. I have made them for dinner, wrapped in a kitchen towel + aluminium foil and they were pretty soft the next day for lunch! Hope that helps!

    4. Hi Manali,

      Is there an option to not cook the roti through this machine, instead just knead the dough, and get it out flattened and then we can manually cook the roti on a tawa.
      I think most of the folks having trouble with roti is the hassle to knead it perfectly, and have it flattened.

      1. Hi there! No you cannot do that. It’s a robot which does the entire process from kneading to rolling to cooking the roti. You only get cooked roti in the end, no way you can remove the rolled roti from inside the machine.

        1. Thanks for your replies Manali,
          A last question, If u had to buy this again today, would you do it with all the experiences you have with the maker?
          999 USD is pretty hefty to pay for a roti maker. Here in Chicago, we have Patel Brother’s selling 5 hot chapatti’s right from the oven for 1 dollar, this equals 4995 or close to 5000 chappati’s for the price. For an average Indian family consuming 10-12 chapatti’s everyday.. the cost is like close to 1.5 or 2 years of chapatti’s for a thousand bucks.
          Do u think the rotimaker will last a good few years?

          1. Hmm it’s difficult to answer that..I have been using it for only a month. But it looks like a sturdy machine which should last long. To answer your question if I would buy it, like I said in my review if I have kids, a busy job and can afford it then definitely yes! It makes life so much easier. Hope that helps!

            1. Thanks for your replies Manali, this helped a lot.
              Though i will buy the rotimatic, but atleast i know now that this can replace my wife, but not my mom. 🙁

    5. Hi Manali-

      I’ve a Nutrimill and make my own atta. Can I use the mill atta mixed with some amount of Sujatha atta to get a soft roti?
      The problem with processed atta flour is they take the germ off and grind so I prefer grinding my own atta then take equal portion of sujatha atta and home ground flour and make a soft roti. Will it be possible with rotimatic?


      1. Hmm you may try that Shravanthi..They have these brands listed on the menu and they ask you to use the same to get good rotis..not sure how it will be with your own atta!

    6. Hi Manali,

      I’m having issues with my Rotimatic for the first Roti where it is getting stuck in the kneaded cup then I have clean the parts again and then it works fine. This is happening for the second time too. Is it due to the max water filled in the water cup as the first Roti dough uses more water and gets stuck in the cup as well as VT. Have you faced this issue? Also it asks to abort the operation on betweeen when the flour container vent is clogged but I can’t power off in between. Can you pl help?

      1. Hello Namrata..hmm I haven’t faced any issues as such..I regularly clean with the given brushes and a kitchen towel everyday after use and it’s been fine. I think the best way would be to contact their customer care. I hope you have downloaded the rotimatic app, just use it to contact them and they should have some solution!

    7. Hey,

      This was a very helpful review. Thanks!
      Have you tried making rotis and eating after few hours. I was thinking how good and soft rotis will be if I make it in the morning and carry to work for lunch? Will these be soft and fresh if I just heat up in the microwave?

    8. I usually make roti’s with water and yogurt to make soft ones. Do you think I can add some yogurt (possibly thinning it down to water like consistency and adding it in the water slot)?

      Please let me know as my machine is about to ship and I am on the fence 🙂


      1. Hello Meg! I am sorry I have no idea about this…you can try but there’s no mention of yougurt in their manual..I have not tried it either.

    9. I have been using Rotimatic for about 1 week. I can live with the noise but NOT the quality of the rotis. My roties are coming out Chewy and raw on the inside. I have send pictures and to technical team and they keep saying that this is normal.

      Well it’s not normal as it’s uncooked.


      1. Hmm that’s weird Shailesh..because I have been using it for almost 2 months now and rotis have been perfectly cooked every time and pretty soft. Like I said the taste isn’t like that cooked on the tawa and that’s understandable since the rotis aren’t made on the tawa but no way are they raw. Not sure what’s going on with your Rotimatic.

        1. Manali,

          Thank you for the response. Maybe my machine is defective and needs to be fixed. I found similar complaints on Amazon review site. Rotimatic team has not yet “stepped up to the plate” to help me out.


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