Cookbook Anniversary Giveaway!

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This GIVEAWAY has ended. The winners were contacted through email and notified.

The winners are-

Sujata who loves the Badam Burfi, Shira who loves Chole, Daniel whose favorite is the Chana Dal, Lee who loves the Aloo Gobi and Neha who also loves the Aloo Gobi (clearly reader’s favorite!)

Thanks all for participating!


Never in a million years had I thought of writing a cookbook.

And never in a million years I had imagined receiving so much love for it!

photo of vegetarian indian cooking with your instant pot cookbook along with a spice box and some flowers

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Today marks the 1st birthday of my cookbook “Vegetarian Indian Cooking with Your Instant Pot®“.

Vegetarian Indian Cooking with Your Instant Pot® features 75 Indian Vegetarian & Vegan Recipes made in the Instant Pot!

Whether it’s your favorite Indian takeout or the regular lentils and beans, the book shows you how easy it is to cook your favorite Indian meal in the Instant Pot.

Each recipe has full color photo and clear step-by-step instructions. There are also tips to make most recipes vegan (if they aren’t to begin with!). Sometimes a substitute is as easy as replacing ghee with oil.

My heart is full of gratitude. This journey had not been possible without your support and encouragement. So, thank you for all the love and continued support! ❤️

manali holding a copy of her cookbook


To celebrate my cookbook’s 1st birthday, I’m giving 5 readers the chance to win a signed copy of Vegetarian Indian Cooking with Your Instant Pot® along with a small spice set which has been customized by Spicewalla brand for Cook With Manali!

How to Enter

To enter, simply comment on this blog post telling me your favorite Cook With Manali recipe (any recipe from the blog or the book).

This giveaway is open to all.

Giveaway ends Wednesday, October 16th. Five winners will be selected at random and notified via email.

Hi, I’m Manali!

Bringing you easy, delicious vegetarian & vegan recipes! Eating veggies can be fun, you just need to get creative in the kitchen with the right set of ingredients!

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  1. I love the Panchmel Dal, though I may not spell it correctly, the taste is wonderful and it is simple and does not require long time to make. Also, it is quite healthy and — and with basmati, this makes complex carbohydrates that change to protein for health.

  2. I live the aloo gobi and ALL the curries. First time I ever tried to make paneer was your recipe and it worked!!
    U look very cute in you picture ?

  3. I haven’t been able to try any of your recipes but will attempt to make Vada Pav and Rice Kheer for a dinner I have this Saturday!

  4. Congratulations dear.
    My favorite & fool proof recipe is Pan coconut laddoo.i made these yummy laddoos atleast 12 to 15 times in 2.5years.
    Some reasons I missed about your instaBy pot recipes book.super exciting for the book.

  5. Congratulations on the anniversary! My favorite recipe is malai kofta, never thought making this dish in the instant pot would be so easy, thank you for this!

  6. My favorite is mushroom cauliflower fried rice. made it a couple of times and comes out champion all the time. Also like tomato rice.
    Thanks for amazing recipes.

  7. I tried ur so many recipes and it was really great. Even my 13yrs daughter made eggless chocolate cake from ur blog. It was really good.
    U mentioned every small details regarding Recipes so it is really helpful.
    Sometimes u mentioned brand name of the ingredients.
    All the very best and Keep it up with ur blogs.

  8. Hi Manali,
    I have been following your blog after I bought my instant pot last year. I have tried many recipes from your blog. Of which “Instant pot creamy tomato basil pasta” under 30 mins is the most favorite recipe in our family. My 3 yr old son eats it by himself and we need not feed him, whenever I make this recipe.
    All the best for your culinary journey !
    I have a request/suggestion – it would be very useful if you could add a section on weekend meal prep plan using IP to ease the cooking time on those 5 busy days of the week (like make ahead onion tomato masala that can be used in a variety of gravies etc)

    Thank you !

  9. Manali,
    I absolutely loved the Eggless Black Forest cake. Your recipe is so detailed my 12 year old made the cake without my help. It came out very good and very professional.
    It is 3 generations using your site in our family. My mother used to be very hesitant to use technology but the details in your recipeS on your site has made her confident to browse on your site.
    Thanks for sharing wonderful recipes.
    Wish you the best.

  10. So many favorites and love Indian Cuisine, but I’ll say Chana Aloo (chickpeas & potatoes). Congrats on your continued success and thank you for sharing your dishes and this generous giveaway!

    1. I really enjoyed the Palak Paneer. I love Indian food and expanding my knowledge of the food and culture. I just got my instant pot and looking for delicious recipes to create with it.

  11. Hello Dear,
    First recipe I made in my instant pot was your dal makhani. Came out so delicious. 2nd I made your kheer. Just
    Perfect. Then I just started to follow you on Pinterest. My instant pot page is full with your recipes. No words, just simply love all your recipes.
    Maybe, one day I’ll get to meet you and we can cook it together.

  12. I love all your recipes! My favorite are your instant pot recipes as I am trying to learn and use IP more. My favorite so far is the Instant Pot Enchilada rice recipe.

  13. I simply relished your samosas – they turned out so scrumptious! Thanks to you – I could make a tricky savoury like the ‘all time favourite samosa’ so skilfully .

  14. Your method for roasting the cauliflower in Aloo Gobi is awesome! This has forever changed the way I cook lots of vegetables. Thanks so much Manali!

  15. Love the chana masala. Made a big batch of the onion mixture and froze it in portions for one recipe of the chana masala. Was awesome to have a quick fix!

  16. My sister LOVES your cookbook, and, unfortunately I don’t live near her so I’ve only tried the Panchmel Dal, which was incredibly delicious!

  17. I like the Go To Recipe for Ildi Dosa (think I misspelled the first word).. I don’t have the plates for making the little cakes but love it as dosa with coconut curry and with soups, stews and curries.

  18. kadai paneer – love the recipe. The saunf+coriander seed masala that is added at the later stage makes so much of a difference.Now, I use little bit of that masala in saag paneer too. Prior to your blog, all my paneer dishes ( butter paneer, paneer tikka, kadai paneer, matar paneer) tasted very similar. Now i can taste the difference. THank you so much!

  19. Love any of the curry recipes. Also rice, I could eat a rice every day!
    Would love the cookbook and spices ❤️

  20. Somehow I don’t think I knew you had a book! :O It’s hard to pick a favorite because I love Indian food so much…palak paneer is always a good thing though! 😀