Cookbook Anniversary Giveaway!

    This GIVEAWAY has ended. The winners were contacted through email and notified.

    The winners are-

    Sujata who loves the Badam Burfi, Shira who loves Chole, Daniel whose favorite is the Chana Dal, Lee who loves the Aloo Gobi and Neha who also loves the Aloo Gobi (clearly reader’s favorite!)

    Thanks all for participating!


    Never in a million years had I thought of writing a cookbook.

    And never in a million years I had imagined receiving so much love for it!

    photo of vegetarian indian cooking with your instant pot cookbook along with a spice box and some flowers

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    Today marks the 1st birthday of my cookbook “Vegetarian Indian Cooking with Your Instant Pot®“.

    Vegetarian Indian Cooking with Your Instant Pot® features 75 Indian Vegetarian & Vegan Recipes made in the Instant Pot!

    Whether’s it your favorite Indian takeouts or the regular lentils and beans, the book shows you how easy it is to cook your favorite Indian meal in the Instant Pot.

    Each recipe has full color photo and clear step-by-step instructions. There are also tips to make most recipes vegan (if they aren’t to begin with!). Sometimes a substitute is as easy as replacing ghee with oil.

    My heart is full of gratitude. This journey had not been possible without your support and encouragement. So, thank you for all the love and continued support! ❤️

    manali holding a copy of her cookbook


    To celebrate my cookbook’s 1st birthday, I’m giving 5 readers the chance to win a signed copy of Vegetarian Indian Cooking with Your Instant Pot® along with a small spice set which has been customized by Spicewalla brand for Cook With Manali!

    How to Enter

    To enter, simply comment on this blog post telling me your favorite Cook With Manali recipe (any recipe from the blog or the book).

    This giveaway is open to all.

    Giveaway ends Wednesday, October 16th. Five winners will be selected at random and notified via email.

    255 thoughts on “Cookbook Anniversary Giveaway!

    1. Easy almond barfi!
      Your recipes are explained so well and I look forward to your stories.
      Wish you continued success in life, Manali.

    2. I love all of your recipes and my favorite may just be the IP Chana Dal , thanks for all of your amazing recipes that you have shared!

    3. Enjoy cooking with lots of love and faith in your recipe…. my family favourite is punjabi chole ….. can’t thank you enough for the joy and satisfaction look on my family after relishing it !

    4. I just joined the site so I haven’t tried any of your recipes yet but I can’t wait to! Winning the book and spices would be great.

    5. So many to pick from but your latest post for kheer was awesome! Love the variety of recipes! Thanks for letting me know to respond to blog post!

    6. For someone who has no knack with cooking.. your recipes are God sent . Simple to understand.. and turns out delicious.. .. love the whole masoor dal and banana bread recipes.. discovered your FB page recently, so I still havent even gone though all the recipes you have out there. All the best..

    7. The first recipe I made was your kheer. And my most favorite is Aloo Gobhi because I swear until I followed your recipe to the t, I somehow made it mushy always.

    8. Your “Palak Paneer- Spinach With Indian Cottage Cheese!” Thank you, you are a talented cook and I appreciate that you share with all of us

    9. Hi Manali,
      I like your instant pot rice kheer recipe and so many other dishes too, as they come out good. I want to give your book to my daughter who lives in dorm, so she can learn how to make Indian food, and she also wants to share the dishes with her friend as her friend has also instant pot. Thanks.

    10. I haven’t tried a recipe that I didn’t love. But if I had to pick one, it’s the Palak Paneer because my kids love it and they have no idea it’s filled with two pounds of spinach!! They swear they HATE spinach, but they love the “green sauce.” Haha!

    11. I bought this cookbook in May and my daughter wanted to flip thru it. I haven’t seen it since! Her hub is the Indian food freak in a weird way. He likes the dishes the day after-so the flavors have melded a bit. I probably need to buy another copy, ya think?

    12. Hi Manali, both me and my mum are big fans of your recipes. I tried besan Ladoos from one of your recipes and trust me they turned our amazing. It was my very first time as well 🙂 making them. Good luck to your on the book. Lot of love & luck – Vrinda & mummy dearest.

    13. Hello dear Manali,

      my all time favorite and a beloved family meal is your Shahi Paneer.
      Really a royal delight!

      With love,
      Ana and Family

    14. Aloo gobi and carrot and ginger soup.
      Recipes easy to follow.
      Fabelous mouth watering pictures of Indian dishes….. Very appetising…..

    15. Indian IP cooking is the best! Especially when it’s vegan. My favorite is Chole Masala. Congrats on the cookbook anniversary!

    16. Hi manali
      Love the aloo gobi recipe!
      I got my daughter the instant pot and she loves aloo gobi … came out well
      She is new to relatively new to cooking and is looking for ways to use the instant pot to make her favorite foods ! Would love to have her get this book and venture into making the vegetarian /vegan options
      Thank you
      Usha Rao Murthy

    17. Congratulations on your cook book! My husband is not a big fan of paneer but when I made the Kadai paneer using your recipe he absolutely loved it!! Thank you!
      Can’t wait to see your book!

    18. Hi Manali. One of my favorite recipes is Palak Chana Dal. Actually, I like all of the recipes/foods that I have from your website. Indian food is so very, very, delicious. I had a difficult time choosing a favorite recipe because they are all favorites. Thanks again. I am keeping my fingers crossed that I will win a recipe book Vegetarian India Cooking Instapot by Manali.

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