Mango Milkshake Recipe – Mango Shake


    Mango Milkshake is probably India’s favorite summer drink. If there’s one reason why people look forward to summers in the country, it is this – the Mango!

    The fruits tastes awesome as such but is also used to create various mouthwatering desserts, ice creams and drinks.

    I am not very fond of mangoes [which is considered very strange if you are from India, trust me] but my husband loves it. And so ever since we started getting mangoes here, I have been making mango milkshake for him almost every day.

    The drink can be made quickly and is tasty and filling.


    So chop your mangoes just like I did and this shake will be ready in few minutes.

    Here’s what you need.



    Cold Milk: 1 cup

    Mangoes, chopped: 1

    Sugar: 1 tsp or to taste

    Saffron strands [optional]: 2-4



    1. Take the chopped mangoes, sugar and the saffron strands in a blender. Grind to a smooth paste.


    2. Now add in the cold milk and run the blender again till everything is nicely mixed together.


    Mango Milkshake is ready to serve.

    I served it with my homemade coconut cookies the recipe of which I will be sharing soon.



    1. Add ice cream to add more richness and taste to your shake.

    2. If you like cardamom/elaichi, you can also add that to the shake.

    3. The shake can be finished off with some whipped topping.


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