Here you will find some popular round-ups on the blog! Find collection of recipes for holidays like Valentine’s day or Thanksgiving. You will find also ingredient specific recipe round-up.

Indian Inspired Vegetarian Thanksgiving Menu

    If you are looking for an Indian inspired Thanksgiving menu to serve your guests, I have got you covered with these Indian vegetarian recipes. I got introduced to Thanksgiving only after I moved to the US. My favorite thing about this holiday has to be the food, and I love incorporating Indian flavors to almost everything I make.

    While many traditional sides on Thanksgiving like mashed potatoes, roasted carrots etc. are vegetarian, in this menu you will find some flavorful...

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    15 Vegetarian Recipes with Pantry Staples

      15 Vegetarian Recipes that you can make with pantry staples!

      These recipes required ingredients which are readily available and can be made without a visit to the grocery store!

      If you have been looking for recipes using pantry staples during these times, then I have got you covered.

      These are vegetarian and vegan recipes which use ingredients like...

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      11+ Flavorful Vegan Tofu Recipes

      11+ flavorful Vegan Tofu Recipes for your lunches, dinner and meal-prep!

      These dishes are not only packed with flavors but are also easy to make.

      I remember the first time I tasted tofu some 8 years back.

      I didn’t like it at all. It was a new taste for my taste buds and one that I didn’t...

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      Holiday Gift Guide For The Cook

        Hey guys! I am excited to share my first Holiday Gift Guide with you guys!

        It’s hard to believe but it’s already that time of the year where everyone is looking for gifts for their loved ones. I am sharing some of my favorite things which I personally love and think that they would make great gifts.

        Not surprisingly, they are all...

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        15 Easy Instant Pot Vegan Dinners

        Looking for some quick and easy dinner recipe ideas for those busy weeknights? I got you covered with these 15 easy and delicious Instant Pot Vegan Dinner Ideas!

        These hearty meals can be prepared rather quickly using your Instant Pot. These are packed with flavors and just the kind of meal you need for busy days.

        The leftover also make great lunches.

        I struggle with...

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        45+ Vegetarian Thanksgiving Recipes

          Thanksgiving is here! And if  you are wondering what to serve to your vegetarian guests, then I have got you covered with this round-up of 45+ vegetarian Thanksgiving Recipes. Vegetarian doesn’t have to be boring right?

          These Vegetarian Thanksgiving Recipes – right from snacks & appetizers to mains to sides & of course the desserts will make sure that your dinner is packed...

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          12+ Fusion Desserts for Holi

            Wow your guests with these Indian fusion desserts this Holi!

            Happy Friday! Holi is on Monday and so I thought it will be a good idea to share with you guys some Holi themed fusion desserts. I love giving classic Indian desserts a fun twist. Last year I made these Thandai Cheesecake Mousse with gulkand whipped cream and I have to say it’s still one of the best festive desserts that I have made.

            Indian classic desserts are great...

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            10 Eggless Cookies to make this Diwali

            10 Homemade Eggless Cookies to make this Diwali more special!

            So Diwali is here and it means lots of homemade treats. One of my favorite treats to make and gift to friends and family is cookies. I just cannot get enough! And so I thought I should do a round-up of my 10 favorite Eggless Cookies that you must try this Diwali. Not only are they easy to make but also make wonderful gifts. I mean who doesn’t like receiving a box of homemade cookies? 😉 “I don’t”, said no one...

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            25 + Non-Alcoholic Summer Drinks

              Happy weekend guys! Today I have a refreshing recipe round-up for you! You guys already know that I don’t drink alcohol of any kind. But what’s a summer party without some drinks right? And during such parties, I obviously can’t be drinking water or soda all the time. So if you are a non-alcoholic like me or are looking for summer drinks for the whole family then I have got the perfect round-up for you.

              Here’s a collection of 25+ non-alcoholic summer drinks from my...

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              35+ Valentine’s Day Recipes

                When it comes to Valentine’s Day recipes I can’t think beyond chocolate! The fact that I am a chocoholic may or may not have to do anything with this! ? Actually this day gives me a reason to bake and eat as much as chocolate I can. Not that I ever need a reason to do either of them but when it’s Valentine’s Day I eat all the more!

                Since 14th Feb is only a few days away now [WHAT?!!] I thought it would be a good idea to a do...

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                14 Vegetarian Appetizers for New Year’s Eve

                  So New Year’s eve is almost here and you all must be pretty excited for the party! To make any party awesome, you obviously need good food and nothing better than some delicious appetizers to make your New Year’s Eve special! Here’s a collection of 14 Vegetarian Appetizers to make your life a little easier. There are also some vegan options. Hope you all have a wonderful new...

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                  Edible Holiday Gift Basket Ideas

                    “This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and GODIVA, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia ##GiveGODIVA”


                    One of the most challenging things during the holidays is to decide gifts for everyone! Isn’t it? Everyone has their own preferences, choices and it becomes really difficult to zero on onto one thing. However...

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