Goodbye Mumma

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“All that I am, or ever hope to be, I owe it to you”

You taught me everything mumma.

Everything except how to live without you.

What do I do now?


Last 3 weeks have been the darkest days of my life.

I wake up every morning hoping that it was all just a bad dream and that I would be able to see you again.

No child can ever be ready for this loss.


What would I do to hear you one more time.

What would I do to have your hands on my head one more time

What would I do to see you smile one more time..only if..

I feel lost without you mumma.


Life was never fair to you.

You lost your brother, your sisters, your daughter, your son.

And if that wasn’t enough now you lost your life after fighting a long battle and suffering so much.

I have often questioned the existence of god because if someone as loving, as giving, as caring and as kind as you can suffer so much, then I really doubt his existence.

You and dad gave so much love to everyone around you and it was never restricted to your immediate family, you both went above and beyond to make others happy.

It is so unfair that you both suffered so much all through your life. So unfair maa, so unfair.


You were so brave, so strong.

I have never seen anyone as strong as you.

Your faced so much but never without a smile on your face.


I miss you so much mumma, the thought that I will never see you again, it doesn’t let me sleep.

But I know life has to go on and I know you would always want me to move ahead in life and work hard and that’s what I would do.

My only wish now is to be your daughter again because clearly this life wasn’t enough.

You are the best mother in this whole world and I love you so much, so much.


Being your daughter is my biggest blessing.

Rest in peace maa, at last you are free from all the sufferings.

PS: My readers: sorry guys for no updates for almost a month now. I just could not bring myself up to write anything. I will be back to posting recipes very soon. My mumma was very proud of my blog and I know she would always want me to continue sharing recipes here. I am not going to let her down. So I will be back to updating the blog very soon. Thank you all for reading.

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