Paan Gujiya

    These Paan Gujiya are stuffed with a paan flavored filling made with mawa, real paan leaves, paan masala gulkand, fennel seeds, coconut powder and more! This is a fun take on the traditional Mawa Gujiya, the paan filling makes them really refreshing. These sweet gujiyas are a perfect treat for festivals like Holi, Diwali.

    All my memories of holi start with me making gujiya with mom. It’s such a core memory that I can’t think of anything else when it comes to Holi....

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    Paan Mousse

    Easy eggless Paan Mousse is made with just a handful of ingredients. Made with paan leaves (betel leaves), gulkand (rose petal jam), fennel and flavored with rose water, this mousse is light, refreshing and makes a great dessert for Diwali or any other festivities.

    Paan is such a refreshing flavor and so it’s no wonder that it always makes it to my Diwali dessert menu. Over the years I have created tons of desserts using paan (betel leaves) and gulkand (hello paan ladoo and...

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    Paan Thandai Shots

    These Paan Thandai Shots are made with homemade thandai powder and flavored with fresh paan leaves and gulkand (rose petal preserve). This refreshing drink is perfect to serve during summers or for festivals like Holi and Diwali!

    Holi is almost here and I couldn’t let go of an Indian festival without sharing a recipe made with paan leaves (betel leaves), can I? Paan is such a refreshing flavor and I can never have enough of it. That is the reason why I have...

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    Paan Cheesecake Truffles

    Bite sized version of Paan Cheesecake, these Paan Cheesecake Truffles are made with cream cheese, parle-g crumbs, real paan leaves and flavored with gulkand and garnished with candied fennel. If you love meetha paan, then you are going to love this fusion dessert.

    It’s super easy to make, no-bake and great to make for your Diwali party!

    And it’s Diwali yet again and I am back with yet another paan dessert! 😀...

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    Eggless Paan Cheesecake

    Eggless Paan Cheesecake, inspired by the flavors of Meetha Paan. This cheesecake gets it flavors from paan leaves, gulkand (rose petal jam) and fennel.

    Garnished with tutti frutti, candied fennel and white chocolate (optional), this is a stunning dessert to celebrate any Indian festival and is cooked in the Instant Pot!

    Yet another dessert made with paan leaves (betel leaves), are you guys tired of it? I hope not, because I love making desserts...

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    Paan Peda

    Paan Peda made with mawa, sugar and paan leaves!

    These pedas are easy to make with store bought mawa and have a beautiful green color from the paan leaves (no food color used)!

    Paan desserts have always been very popular on the blog. Whether it’s the paan coconut ladoo, paan kheer or ice cream.

    You all seem to love the refreshing flavor of paan....

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    Chocolate Paan (Chocolate Meetha Paan)

    This Chocolate Paan has paan leaves (betel leaves) smeared with a hazelnut spread and filled with gulkand, chocolate chips, tutti frutti and coconut!

    Dipped in chocolate, this meetha paan makes a refreshing after meal mouth freshener or dessert!

    Whenever we go to India, I make it a point to go and try the newest paan flavors.

    Paan (betel leaves) is...

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    Paan Kheer with Rose Cashew Crumble

    Enjoy the flavors of meetha paan in this delectable Paan Kheer!

    Topped with rose cashew crumble, these make pretty festive dessert.

    I love playing with the flavors of paan (betel leaves) to incorporate them into desserts.

    If you have been around here for a while, you...

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    Easy Paan Ice Cream

    Easy Paan Ice Cream to beat the heat! This refreshing ice cream has all the flavors of meetha paan and is so refreshing on a hot day. And the best part? It’s surprisingly easy to make using a shortcut!

    Sometimes the best recipes start with a shortcut. Do you guys agree to this? I mean delicious cake recipes starting with a boxed mix or your favorite pie recipe using a ready to go pie filling. Sounds familiar? I bet it does! While it’s best to make everything from scratch, sometimes we can...

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    Paan Coconut Ladoo

    Instant Paan Coconut Ladoo filled with gulkand – a special little treat to enjoy this Diwali!

    I am so excited to be finally be able to share some Diwali recipes with you guys. Yes! My favorite festival and most definitely my favorite time of the year. This year Diwali falls on 30th October, quite early actually. But for me literally Diwali festivities started in...

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    Paan Milkshake – Betel Leaves Drink

      I have already posted a paan dessert recipe on my blog and it happens to be one of my favorites , the meetha paan kulfi. Using paan flavor in ice creams and sweets is quite popular back home. What makes it so popular? Betel leaves or paan leaves as we...

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