Vegetable Jalfrezi

Vegetable Jalfrezi made in the Instant Pot!

This recipe is loaded with veggies, paneer and all cooked together in a tangy tomato sauce.

Pairs well with naan or rice.

So now that Diwali is done, we can get back to regular recipes.

How was Diwali guys? What did you guys do? We ate tons of homemade sweets and snacks,...

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Instant Pot Potato Masala (Dosa Aloo)

Simple south Indian style Potato Masala (dosa aloo) made in the Instant Pot.

Skip the step of boiling the potatoes first and do it all in one-pot!

Don’t worry I will be continuing with my Diwali recipes.

This is just a little break in between to share more of the regular stuff that I usually share on the blog :)!

This Instant Pot...

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Instant Pot Seviyan Kheer (Vermicelli Kheer)

Quick and easy Instant Pot Seviyan Kheer. This is a dump and go recipe which make seviyan kheer in no time.

This will be an easy recipe to make with minimal efforts and zero monitoring during Diwali!

If you love all the Instant Pot vegetarian/vegan recipes that I share on the blog, please join me on this Facebook Group – Instant Pot Vegetarian Recipes. The group would feature vegetarian instant pot recipes from all around...

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