Cranberry Pistachio Biscotti

    The Holiday season is here which actually means the cookie season is here 😀 It’s all about cookies, everywhere and anywhere! While I love baking everything & anything, cookies are one of my favorites to bake and that’s why this time of the year excites me all the more. There are so many cookie recipes to make/try that my head is literally spinning with what to bake and what not to bake. Why can’t I bake everything? *Sigh*

    While I love all kinds of cookies, crispy and crunchy cookies are my...

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    Cranberry & Toasted Coconut Granola

      I have recently become obsessed with making granola at home. You might have noticed that already if you have been following my blog for a while. Making granola at home is so easy that ever since I discovered it I have never purchased a box from the grocery store. Why to waste money on something which you can make at home in just few minutes? I don’t think it makes sense especially when you can choose what goes in your granola and modify it to your taste and preference. If you still haven’t jumped on the “homemade granola” bandwagon I strongly suggest you do. I can assure you...

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      Onion & Bell Pepper Pesto Pizza

        Pizzas, pizzas & more pizzas. Can we ever have enough of it? I doubt! Everyone loves a good pizza and in my opinion nothing beats a homemade version.

        It’s so much fun to make pizzas at home because you can play around this flavors, different cheese and different crust as well. Also you can make them healthier [no this recipe isn’t healthy, but you can!] by replacing the crust with whole wheat flour or other whole grains....

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        Peppermint Hot Cocoa Mix

          Today is the first day of the last month of the year. I cannot believe how quickly this year went by, where did the time fly? I seriously feel that 2014 just started. Time scares me at times, it flies way too quickly. Anyway December is everyone’s favorite month here for obvious reason, it’s Christmas time! 🙂 I love how everything looks so festive and beautiful here around the holidays. Just day before I saw fake snow flakes shower with beautiful music at the shopping mall, it looked so so pretty.

          One of the things that...

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          Oats Poha Chivda

            Hello everyone! How was your Thanksgiving? I hope everyone stuffed themselves till they couldn’t breathe, well I definitely did that. This was the first time that I attended a Thanksgiving dinner and oh my god there was so much food! It was crazy and I ate so much that I think have had enough for days! So after eating way too many treats, I had to put up a healthy recipe. This Indian style oats snack mix is perfect when you want to munch on something light and...

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            Indian Butterscotch Ice Cream

              This is a very special post, this is my 200th recipe on the blog. I mean I have cooked, clicked, edited and shared 200 recipes on my blog, can you believe it? That’s so crazy! This was my 1st post on the blog, now please don’t mind my awesome photography skills there 😀 I started my blog in June 2013 and didn’t post regularly for a while. It was this year in Feb/March that I finally took blogging seriously and tried improving my photography and other skills. What started as a medium to have all my recipes at one place has slowly become an integral part of my life. I can safely...

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              Sweet Potato Chaat

                Ok first of all, please don’t may too much attention to my pictures in this post. I know they are not good and I was in fact not sure whether I should be posting these or not. I clicked these at 7 PM using artificial light [my first attempt] and so you can understand. No matter how much you try, the artificial light can never match to the natural one, not for me anyway. But I am posting these just because I liked this snack and the picture shouldn’t stop me from sharing it. Isn’t...

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                Homemade Thin Crust Pizza Dough

                  I like making my own pizza dough, in fact I think homemade pizzas made from scratch are the best. I will tell you why because you can control what all put in according to your taste and preference. I don’t like cheese, I mean I like it but not in the quantity it is added in pizzas and pastas in US. So whenever we ate pizzas outside I could hardly finish them, thanks to literally 5 layer of cheese in every slice!

                  And that’s when I decided that if I want to eat...

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                  White Chocolate Mint Pistachio Fudge

                    So the peppermint season has officially begun and I can see my blogger friends coming up with some wonderful recipes already. Does that mean the pumpkin season is over? I have to confess that I prefer pumpkin over mint, like so much more. I have grown to love pumpkin, it is just wonderful. I love how it mixes with all the spices, ahh now I’m craving for a slice of this moist Pumpkin Bread. Anyway moving over pumpkin, let’s talk about mint.

                    Do you like it? I do like mint in baked good but I don’t...

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                    Hara Bhara Kebab

                      So how many of you love your greens? I do for sure and if you do too then you will love this recipe. Kebabs are a popular snack in Asian countries, I know in India the chicken kebabs are hugely popular where minced meat is mixed with onion, tomatoes and lots of spices. It is then deep fried or grilled over hot coal. But since I’m a vegetarian this recipe is for vegetarian hara bhara kebab and very green one on that! Hara means “green”in hindi and bhara is “full”, so basically these kebabs are full...

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                      Pumpkin Pecan Cupcakes with Chocolate Frosting

                        Is it too late for a pumpkin recipe? I think the pumpkin season is still here at least till Thanksgiving, isn’t it?. So now that I have convinced you (and myself) let’s talk about today’s recipe – Pumpkin Pecan Cupcakes with Chocolate Frosting.

                        First let me tell you about the amount of baking stuff I have in my kitchen. Wait, I can’t even tell that because there’s so much!...

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                        Apple Galette

                          Confession – I am becoming obsessed with French Baking these days. I have always believed that no one talks desserts like the French do. All their desserts are so sophisticated and so delicious. I have always been drawn by the art of french pastry making, it fascinates me a lot. Macarons are gorgeous, so are their tarts and their breads? Ahh breathtaking! Sometimes I feel like running to Paris to learn it all. If only it was that easy, in fact I haven’t even been to Paris once! But one can always...

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