Pesto Pasta

    I made this pasta using fresh homemade basil pesto, the recipe of which I shared on my blog few days back. I have made pesto pasta using store brought pesto too but like they say the taste of anything that you make fresh at home  is unmatched and this is no...

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    Kung Pao Tofu

      The first time I tasted Tofu in India, I hated it. I couldn’t even eat a piece, it had a peculiar smell and taste which was really repulsive. But my opinion about Tofu changed when I moved to US. There were different varieties of Tofu available here and since it’s so...

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      Besan Ladoo

        Festivals are incomplete without sweets and in India festivals are incomplete without ladoos.

        Ladoo is an Indian sweet, can be made using various ingredients and is round in shape. Seriously we make ladoos out of so many ingredients, there’s  motichoor ladoo, aata ladoo, coconut ladoo, semolina ladoo, this...

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