Granola Snack Mix

Healthy to snack on, this Granola Snack Mix is just what you need during the football season and holiday gatherings!

I am taking a little break from Holiday recipes and squeezing in a healthy snack idea for you guys! ‘Tis the seaosn for all sinful desserts but let’s not forget that amidst all the madness, we need something healthy to snack on. I am someone who always needs something to snack on, like always and more so if watching a game or a movie. I think snacking...

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Pecan Cream Cheese Rolls

Easy to make Pecan Cream Cheese Rolls are perfect for Holiday entertaining. You need only 6 ingredients to make these!

Everyone seems so busy during this time of the year. It’s like everyone has a never-ending list of “things to do” and that includes me as well. My list is pretty long, because I have to do tons of shopping before my India trip, which is less than 10 days now [eeks!] and I haven’t even started yet. I also have to do a lot of cooking so that...

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Orange Chocolate Chip Biscotti

Get into the festive spirit with these Orange Chocolate Chip Biscotti. Great to dunk into your coffee or give as gift!

Holidays come with a lot tradition. Some that we grew up with and some that changed with time. Whatever tradition your family might follow, one thing is for sure that we all love to celebrate and give our loved ones something special during this festive time.

When I first moved to the US, I didn’t know what gifts...

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Brown Butter Sweet Potatoes with Maple & Pecans

Roasted Sweet Potatoes tossed with brown butter, maple syrup, pecans and cranberries. A wonderful vegetarian side dish for Thanksgiving!

So now Diwali is gone, and I am kind of sad. It’s my favorite festival and now I have to wait a whole year for it to come again. Oh well, I still have tons of sweets to devour. [read extra sweets = #foodbloggerporblems] Truth be told, I wanted to lose some extra pounds which I had put on while family was visiting before...

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Blueberry Chutney with Almonds

This post is sponsored by The Blueberry Council. All opinions are my own.

Blueberry Chutney flavored with garam masala, cayenne pepper and almonds will be the perfect accompaniment to your Thanksgiving dishes. Enjoy it as such or over turkey, sandwiches and much more!

It has suddenly become so cold, like I don’t even know what happens to the weather as soon as the daylight saving ends. As I am writing this...

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One Pot Vegetarian Pizza Pasta Bake

Easy One Pot Vegetarian Pizza Pasta Bake using Ragu Pasta Sauce! Dinner ready in 30 minutes!

I am leaving for home in less than 20 days! Eeeks I can’t believe it. I remember when we booked out tickets and I thought oh that’s so far, year end. And now it’s here. It’s like I blinked and we are into November. I am so excited to go home, like always. Even though both our parents visited us this year but going to India is a different...

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Vegan Butternut Squash Soup

Vegan Butternut Squash Soup is warm, comforting and delicious. It will warm up holiday guests before the big meal on Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is almost here, can you guys believe it? And I am sure everyone must have already started planning out their menus, I mean there’s so much to cook so planning is definitely required.

I attended my first Thanksgiving dinner last year and I was so surprised to see the amount of food cooked by...

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Chocolate Burfi

An easy to make sweet for Diwali. This is instant Chocolate Burfi, made with milk powder and few other simple ingredients and tastes just as good as the traditional burfi!

Happy weekend everyone! I know Diwali preps must be in full swing after all this is the last weekend before Diwali and there’s hardly any time left. Everyone must already have made their Diwali snacks and sweets. But if are still deciding on the sweets, then here’s an easy one for you – my double layer Chocolate...

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Methi Mathri

Crispy Methi Mathri are the perfect tea time snack!

I have come to this conclusion recently – I can resist chocolates, I can even resist the temptation of a  cheesecake, it’s difficult but I can manage BUT when it comes to mathri I have no self control like ZERO. No wonder mom used to make mathri at home only twice in a year , for Holi and Diwali because she knew it will all be finished by one and only one person in the house, yes that’s ME!...

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Cheesy Jalapeno Dip

    Thanks Castello for sponsoring this post! As always all opinions are mine alone.

    Cheesy Jalapeno Dip made with Castello’s delicious Havarti Jalapeño Cheese is the perfect appetizer for the movie night. Serve it with crackers , carrots or anything you fancy!

    I am a huge movie buff. Yup, I am one of those who you can be sure to spot in a theater whenever a good movie comes up. Because movies are...

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    Vegetarian Stuffed Mushrooms

    Stuffed mushrooms with a creamy and cheesy vegetarian filling . These are easy to make, high on flavors and an excellent appetizer to serve at any party. Try these Vegetarian Stuffed Mushrooms for Thanksgiving or just about any gathering, they are sure to be a crowd pleaser. They are stuffed with all yummy things and the most delicious Kraft Natural Shredded Cheese!

    So we are all officially into full festive mood now. The clock went back an hour yesterday (an extra hour of...

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    Mini Pumpkin Cakes

    Super soft and spiced Mini Pumpkin Cakes frosted with the most amazing Cinnamon Maple Frosting!

    And we are back to pumpkin again. I will be back with more Diwali recipes but these mini pumpkin cakes have been sitting in my draft folder for way too long and I didn’t want to make them wait any further. Oh before I forget Happy Halloween! What are you guys doing tonight? And plans of dressing up? I know some people are so creative, so I am totally looking forward to some amazing...

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