Spicy Chipotle Pizza

Long Recipe Alert.

There I said it in the beginning so that you guys don’t get bored by the end of it. This is going to be long recipe because not only I include the recipe for this spicy chipotle pizza (the vegetarian version) but also for the dough so bear with me guys!

Now everyone loves a good pizza, isn’t it? My love affair with pizza has come a full circle. When I was kid, I used to love pizza like love love...

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Mango Chocolate Bites

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Are you someone who snacks a...

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Lemon Crepes with Blackberry Sauce

Time has been flying at some super sonic jet speed and we are almost into the last weeks of April. Which reminds me didn’t we just celebrate New Year?! But I am not complaining because my parents and brothers are visiting us from India in May end and I just can’t wait! So yeah end of April means closer to May means mom and dad will be here soon, yay!


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Tofu Pineapple Coconut Curry

Happy Monday! I’m kicking this week off with a very flavorful recipe of Tofu Pineapple Coconut Curry. I have mentioned before tofu is not my favorite, but I do it enjoy it once in a while especially when it’s combined with some of my favorite ingredients like pineapple in this recipe! This recipe is seriously jam packed with flavors. It’s healthy, vegan and great with rice or noodles. This recipe started off as an experiment but I was so pleased with the end result. The pineapple added a nice touch to balance out the...

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Strawberry Kulfi

I go crazy during this time of the year for berries. They are available in abundance and so delicious. I swear I want to buy all the big boxes in the grocery stores. But considering how much I waste stuff [:(] I am really trying hard to buy only what I need. Did I need this big box of strawberries from Cosctco? No. Am I glad I got it? YES YES! Because I got to made this delicious and creamy Strawberry...

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Healthy Banana Oat Muffins

I think more than anything else, if there’s one thing constant in my kitchen, it has to be ripe bananas. Seriously I buy bananas every week and we never finish them on time. So they start turning brown and neither me nor hubby can eat those brown-black bananas, we simply can’t. I throw away a lot of things (I know such a bad habit, really need to change) but I never throw over-ripe bananas and that makes me feel slightly better about throwing all the other stuff.

This time around I had 2...

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Pudina Aloo – Minty Potatoes

The weather has been really weird here, I mean I thought it was spring and it was supposed to be warm. But all of a sudden for the last 2 days, it has been really cold, like there’s a chill in the wind like it’s in December or January. Crazy right? I hope things change pretty soon! When the weather is cold, I crave for comfort food and I am sure I am not the only one who feels like this. For me like many other Indians comfort food is rice, dal (lentil) and some potatoes on the side and so I made these ridiculously simple...

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Vanilla Donuts with Cookie Butter Glaze

There are days when you don’t have time to breath, like literally. Yesterday was one such day for me. I got up in the morning and then I didn’t even sit for a second till midnight. On such days, I feel like there should be more than 24 hours in a day. I think I told you guys before that we are planning to buy our own house and seriously that’s just draining all my energy. Weekends are totally gone in house hunting and sometimes I have to go on weekdays...

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Springtime Black Bean Quesadillas

Springtime Black Bean Quesadillas are filled with fresh veggies and topped with crispy onion rings and spicy sweet potato fries! Served with Sriracha Mayo dipping sauce.

I have realized that people assume that as food bloggers we are making fancy and lavish dinners at home everyday. Umm No. I mean of course I love to cook and I also cook everyday but those fancy dinners are usually reserved for the weekend. Don’t we all want something quick and easy for the weekdays?...

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Overnight Stuffed French Toast

Breakfast – the most important meal of the day and I also think it’s the most neglected meal. Isn’t it? I mean I know so many people who skip breakfast or simply don’t feel like eating anything in the morning. I think I have mentioned this before that my husband was in the same category before we got married but now he eats his breakfast every day. I take full credit for this transformation 😀

Anyway even though we eat breakfast every day,...

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10 Tips for Food Photography

    Happy Easter guys! Hope you are all having a wonderful day!

    Rather than sharing a recipe, today I am sharing with you some tips and tricks about Food Photography that I have learnt on my way. Now, I don’t think that...

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    Mini Banoffee Pies

    How easy it is to fall off the fitness bandwagon and how difficult is it to get back? If only it was the opposite *sigh*. Do you guys agree with me? I love to workout and it’s an integral part of my lifestyle. I have never been into lifting super heavy weights and all but I indulge in some form of physical activity at least 5 times week. It could be zumba or a run or yoga , anything which makes me happy and calms me down. Now why am I telling you guys all this? Because almost a month back, I injured my knee while running and since then I haven’t done any...

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