Spinach Raita

I have told you guys this before, we always had raita as a side dish in our home for lunch and it’s still the same. Lunch at my place in India will always be roti, sabzi (any vegetable cooked with spices), rice, dal (lentil) and raita. Yes quite a meal and I ate it every damn day growing up. I think that spoiled me, having a luxurious lunch made from scratch everyday and where you had to do nothing but simply eat! I never cared for that lunch then because obviously I got to eat it every day and I had no idea how much effort it takes to serve your family fresh meal , 3 times a day every single day. Now that I understand it, I...

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Easy Zucchini Bread

I was a very non-fussy eater as a kid, I would happily eat all the veggies my mom would give me including the greens which most kids hated. In fact greens were my absolute favorite as a kid and they still are. But my brothers were just the opposite of me, they were so picky about the veggies that they would eat. Mostly it was potato and paneer and they hated their greens. I could never get it because it was hard for me to understand that how could anyone not love such delicious vegetables. My mom tried everything she could to make them eat...

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Aloo Kulcha

Indian cuisine has a huge range of breads but the only one people outside India are aware of is naan. And naan is the least likely bread to be made in an average Indian household, oh what an irony! The more popular everyday breads are roti and paratha, which are made with whole wheat. That is what we usually eat with our sabzi (spiced veggies) and dal (lentils).

Another well known Indian bread but not so common in the western world is kulcha. It is a leavened bread made...

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Chocolate Almond Bark with Sea Salt

If you have been following me for a while, you would know that I am a big chocoholic. I think I am slightly obsessed with it and this has been the case ever since I was a little kid. Back then we didn’t use to get too many different varieties of chocolates in India so every year I would look forward to my aunt’s visit to India (she used to live in Dubai) so that I could stuff my mouth with fancy chocolates. Anyway fancy or not, chocolates are always more than...

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Coffee Caramel Milkshake

The weekend was so crazy. I never ever thought that I would be painting walls one day! Seriously in India, we always had painters to paint the wall, well everything is easy in a developing country when the cost of labor is low but not so in America. I have realized that all the small small things that we never even bothered doing ourselves in India (because there was ALWAYS someone to do it) has to done all by us here and that includes painting the wall.

So we have been meaning to paint the...

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Eggless Cinnamon Mini Bundt Cakes

Obsessed, yes that’s what I am with these cute little darling cakes! Aren’t these like the cutest cake ever? I have way too many mini stuff on my blog, I think all good things come in small packages (ahem I’m mini too at 5’2 😛  just kidding!) but seriously guys these are one of the best cakes I have ever made. So simple yet so good! And the best part they are eggless! Yay! I know a lot of my readers look forward to baking recipes without eggs so this one is for you guys. These cinnamon mini bundt cakes are super moist, delicious and...

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Corn Spinach Stuffed Mini Peppers

I think by now you must have guessed that I am obsessed with this combination of spinach and sweet corn. In case you haven’t noticed I have already shared few recipes using these two. I can’t help it, whenever I add spinach to something my hands automatically reach out to the bag of sweet corn. In fact when I made spinach lasagna, I ran out of corn else I would have added it to that recipe too. Spinach has a slightly bland taste and the sweetness of corn really balances it out. Together, they are perfect in these mini stuffed...

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Vegetarian Puff Pastry Tart

Easy recipes, we all seem to love them. And why not? It all makes perfect sense. If you can create something delicious with readily available ingredients and without any complicated steps then that recipe is always a winner in my book. A lot of my favorite easy recipes come from puff pastry. Isn’t it a magical thing?! I sure thing it is!...

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Spiced Beetroot Buttermilk

The weather has become so unpredictable. Few days back it had become grey and cold and I actually thought it is time to buy some pumpkin cans. No kidding, seriously the weather just gave me that kind of a vibe. And then this week things changed again, totally! The sun is shining bright and it’s hot and I say thank god for that. Because no matter how hot it is, I don’t want to let go off summer, not yet anyway.

I crave for refreshing drinks when it’s hot. Water is of course my...

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Double Berry Cheesecake Bars

Happy National Cheesecake Day! Yes I never forget food days and this day is my absolute favorite because I just LOVE LOVE cheesecakes! I think this day should come more often, isn’t it? Do you guys know that all cheesecake slices at Cheesecake Factory are at half price today? No they didn’t pay me to tell you this, but good news needs to be shared! 😀 Imagine getting 2 slices for the price of 1, I definitely know where I’m heading tonight for dessert. But if you don’t want to go out and still want to celebrate National Cheesecake Day, make...

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Peach Crisp for Two

What do you love most about summers? Yes it’s nice and bright and you don’t need to wear 987650 layers of clothes before heading out. Also BBQ is fun and so are all the summer activities! But if you ask me what I love most, it will be fruits! I think I have a slight obsession with summer fruits. The berries, peaches, cherries, melons, how can you not fall in love with all this gorgeousness?

And while eating the fruits as such is wonderful,...

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Afghani Pulao

Disclaimer: I always like to write a little disclaimer when I post traditional recipes (other than Indian of course!). My love for cooking motivates me to try different types of cuisines in the world, but I obviously cannot comment about how authentic the recipes are.

Whatever I know is through books and internet but what I can tell you is that this recipe of Afghani Pulao was delicious and I am so happy to be sharing it with you guys! I love Afghan cuisine, it’s one my absolute favorites and one of the most...

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