Eggless Strawberry Avocado Ice Cream

Strawberry and avocado, how does the combination sound? I never gave it a thought until I tasted a frozen yogurt which combined the two flavors, it was delicious and that’s how I thought of making this ice cream.

Since I already have a kitchen aid stand mixer, my hubby gifted me it’s ice cream...

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French Macarons: The Basics

    French macarons are little delicious treats which are to die for. They really are! Honestly, if you haven’t tasted them then you are definitely missing out. French macarons are cookies made from almond flour, sugar and egg whites. These cookie shells can be filled with...

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    Mango Cream Cheese Filling For Cakes

      When it comes to frosting, I always prefer cream cheese over buttercream. Cream cheese kind of cuts into the flavor of butter and gives the frosting a nice taste without being too buttery or sugary.

      Cream cheese frosting is a traditionally used with red velvet and carrot cupcakes but...

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